openvpx imageVPX is a broadly defined technology utilizing the latest in a variety of switch fabric technologies in 3U and 6U format blades. OpenVPX is the architecture framework that defines system level VPX interoperability for multi-vendor, multi-module, integrated system environments.

The OpenVPX framework defines clear interoperability points necessary for integration between Module to Module, Module to Backplane and Chassis. OpenVPX recommends, but does not specify development systems to assist evaluation, prototype and development of VPX systems. OpenVPX will evolve and include new fabric, connector and system technology as newer standards are defined.

"From time to time, every industry faces an inflection point, when the challenges are greater than what can be solved by any one corporation. How the community responds to such challenges reshapes the industry for decades to come.

The Embedded Computing Industry faced such an inflection point and unified together to address the System Interoperability issues within VPX. OpenVPX System Specification has resulted from this industry-wide cooperation and has produced a paradigm shift from modules to systems. Success has many fathers; failure is an orphan. With the successful ratification of the ANSI/VITA 65 – 2010: OpenVPX Systems Specification, I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to recognize the invaluable contributions of the VITA 65 Technical Working Group Members and their respective companies.

A special recognition should be made to the Lead Editor, Greg Rocco from Mercury Computer Systems, for the many personal sacrifices he has made throughout the creation of this specification. Additionally, I would like to express my gratitude to the pre-VITA 65 Technical Working Group Co-Chairs, Robert Ford of The Boeing Company and Mark Littlefield of Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing, for their service, leadership and cooperation during the transition of the specification to VITA 65."

-Pete Jha, chairperson, VITA 65 working group, Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

During MILCOM 2010 in San Jose, VITA’s VPX Marketing Alliance will be hosting a Press Briefing and Cocktail hour to present and discuss VPX, its successes, and future direction. The briefing will take place at the Fairmont Hotel. If you are attending MILCOM 2010 they would like to see you at this event.

The Fairmont is a short walk from the San Jose Convention Center and is located at 150 West San Carlos Street.  

OpenVPX Conduction-Cooled PCI Express Cable Link BoardsOpenVPX PCI Express Cable Link Boards are Conduction-Cooled

PCI-Systems  announced OpenVPX Conduction-Cooled PCI Express Cable Link Boards, enabling accelerated development of rugged conduction cooled embedded systems.


Vincent ChuffartApplying OpenVPX Interoperability
By Vincent Chuffart, Product Manager, Kontron (

Ensuring interoperability between components, boards and systems has been an ongoing challenge for virtually all embedded systems designers, and was a factor in stifling the market potential for the powerful new VPX standard.  


Justin MollThe Next Steps in OpenVPX Development
By Justin Moll, Director of Marketing, Elma Bustronic (

OpenVPX is now beginning to sprout promising green shoots as interoperability has become a significant focus around the VPX topic. As this unfolds, the next steps of VPX development are taking root. 


Pete JhaEmbedded Computing Enhanced by OpenVPX Multi-Processing Systems

OpenVPX provides order to the rugged deployed embedded community with a framework that enables disparate computational entities to co-exist within a larger system while defining compliance to adjudicate disagreements. Multi-Processing Systems are driven by the amount, size and frequency of data required to address the needs of the application.


mass storage mezzanineMass Storage Mezzanine Offers Fast, Secure Erasure and Write Protection

 Elma Electronic Systems division offers the Secure PMCDisk for securely erasing and write-protecting sensitive data in harsh environments often found in military and defense applications. It can be used on any board with an IEEE1386.1-compliant PMC site, such as CompactPCI, VMEbus, OpenVPX, VXS and ATCA, replacing external hard drives or disk modules that require additional backplane slots or external connections.


ANSI logoOpenVPX Gets ANSI Ratification

VITA, the trade association dedicated to fostering American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited open system architectures in critical embedded system applications, announced the ratification by ANSI of the OpenVPX™ System Specification under ANSI/VITA 65.0-2010. OpenVPX is the architecture framework that defines system-level VPX interoperability for multivendor, multimodule, integrated system environments.


Bustronic Releases 6U VPX Load BoardBustronic Releases 6U VPX Load Board

Elma Bustronic Corporation, an industry leading designer and manufacturer of high performance backplanes has announced a new 6U VPX Load Board. The load board helps confirm the chassis meets the VITA 46/48 power specifications for VPX and aids in locating hot spots within the enclosure. 


Two-Slot OpenVPX Development Platform Supports Both 3U and 6U CardsTwo-Slot OpenVPX Development Platform Supports Both 3U and 6U Cards

Elma Electronic Systems, a leading supplier of embedded products and systems solutions built on open standards-based platforms like CompactPCI, ATCA, VME and VPX, has released a new two-slot VPX/OpenVPX test and development platform that accommodates both 3U and 6U boards via a shelf divider. The E-Frame Series Test Platform can connect multiple backplanes to efficiently simulate various fabric topologies, eliminating the need for costly custom backplanes and allowing high speed signals to be passed from one slot to the next.

Intel Core i7-Based OpenVPX Solutions for ISR Applications
LDS6520Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. ( launched the Ensemble 6000 Series 6U OpenVPX Intel Core i7 LDS6520 Module, the first embedded computing product combining Intel’s Core i7 processor family with the POET fabric interconnect...