WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, Vt. - eMOBUS, Inc. a carrier agnostic provider of cellular management services and software, today announced that groSolar, a leading solar energy installer, is the latest mid-market company to go live on with Electronic Mobility Management. After a successful account clean up and on-time implementation, the Electronic Mobility Management platform was deployed to ensure continuous account maintenance. "Purchasing eMOBUS was one of the easiest decisions I have ever made," claims Wayne St Jacques, CIO - groSolar. "For less than we were originally paying the carriers, we gained better service and technology that allows us to free up internal resources for more important initiatives."

As groSolar continues to expand their solar empire, they rely on eMOBUS to ensure their cellular infrastructure scales with the business. "It's easy to quantify the benefits of Electronic Mobility Management relationship,"
explains Wayne. "We used to spend hours managing cellular, now we barely spend any time at all." eMOBUS handles everything; move/add/change requests, preventative cost control, procurement, up-to-date visibility into end user usage, inventory tracking, bill auditing and more.
"Recently, we deployed 20 Verizon netbooks, each one did not receive the $100 subsidy credit. If it were not for eMOBUS catching this billing mistake, the two thousand dollars in discrepancies would have gone unnoticed." The combined service and technology relationship allows groSolar to stay focused on what they do best; eliminating the time needed to manage the carrier's inefficiencies.

groSolar believes they can finally make solar power an everyday reality in American homes and workplaces. As an industry leader, groSolar recently announced major initiatives to significantly expand within the U.S. solar market through mergers and acquisitions of smaller regional installers. eMOBUS has already helped groSolar consolidate cellular accounts from newly acquired Borrego Solar's residential arm and Chesapeake Solar. Managing such a fragmented cellular network requires a reliable, comprehensive web-based relationship that software alone cannot fix. Electronic Mobility Management provides a centralized system and business class service that minimizes the time groSolar spends managing a growing nationwide network of cellular users. By outsourcing cellular management, groSolar reduced operational overhead and direct carrier billing costs.

About eMOBUS

eMOBUS provides mobility management services and software that enable clients to slash direct carrier billing costs by 15%-40% within 60 days. eMOBUS' approach goes beyond delivering software, it allows clients to offload their enterprise cellular challenges, so they can focus on their core competencies. As a middleware solution, eMOBUS optimizes every transaction, protecting their client's best cellular interests. For more information about eMOBUS Inc., please visit

About groSolar

groSolar is North America's premier distributor, installer and integrator of solar energy solutions for residential and commercial installations. Founded in 1998, groSolar is the largest 100 percent U.S.-owned distribution company in the solar industry. The company has offices and warehouses across the continent, distributing solar electric and solar hot water systems from offices in VT, NJ, NY, CT, MA, MD, DE, PA, CO, MT, and CA. groSolar integrates components from leading solar manufacturers including Evergreen Solar, PanelClaw, Motech, Heliodyne, SMA, Fronius and UniRac into simple solar energy solutions for customers that generate clean, reliable energy for decades. groSolar is a mission-driven company dedicated to providing high quality solar energy solutions and whole energy appreciation.
groSolar's venture capital investors include NGP Energy Technology Partners, SJF Ventures, and Calvert Social Investment Fund. Learn more at or call 800.374.4494.