Aimee KalnoskasYou found me! And I do hope that the journey to the back of the magazine was productive. It’s not often that someone has the luxury of a forum such as this column to tell a very large number of people that they are moving on but, as luck and timing have it, I do have this opportunity and I would like to take just a brief amount of your time to bid farewell to the readers of ECN as I leave my position as editor-in-chief.

Walking into a small publishing company called Gordon Publications nearly 24 years ago proved to be one of the most educational and rewarding moments of my life. My early stint at publications such as Computer Products, Aerospace Products and Scientific Computing and Automation put me into the real world of electronics and electronics engineers that were, until that point, limited to the cavernous spaces of my home called “Dad and his Mystery Electronics Rooms.” There really were other people who lived and breathed this as much as my father and my fascination and interest for the industry grew dramatically since that first day on the job.

As I began the journey into the 21st century and publications such as Broadband Systems & Design, Wireless Design & Development and then ECN in 1999, I knew that between the wonderfully interesting people I met and the types of products that I thought only existed in those early issues of Isaac Asimov’s Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine, the electronics industry is where I belonged. (note: I actually got to meet Isaac Asimov in 1985 thanks to my position at Computer Products.) It challenged me and changed me, and I decided early on that if I were to do anything else it would have to be something still attached to electronics even if it did not mean reporting on electronics in a publication.

And now it is time to move on to other challenges. But I will not stray far from the industry that gave me a lifetime of education in just a couple of decades and such a glorious array of mentors, friends and colleagues. I can only think that between the rest of my personal life and my professional life to-date, I am one of the luckiest people I know.

Many thanks to you for taking your valuable time each month to give notice to the work of others in your industry and the people at ECN who pass that information along to you. Additionally, I want to personally thank those of you who stopped what you were doing when you hit page 11 each month (okay, page 45 this month) to write me a note. I saved every bit of feedback I ever received and it is my goal to take the time before too long to send a note back to you.


Aimee Kalnoskas, Editor-in-Chief