Editor’s note: It is with great pleasure that I welcome Alix Paultre to the cast of characters at ECN. I’m handing over this bit of print real estate to Alix this month  — but it’s only a one-month rental. See you next month! Cheers…Aimee Kalnoskas, editor-in-chief

Greetings and felicitations, my friends! My name is Alix Paultre, and I’m the new Director of Business Development here at Advantage Business Media, the parent company of ECN. Some of you may remember me from my previous position as Executive Editor at Electronic Products magazine.

Today’s industry is in flux, with engineering publications being forced to re-evaluate your needs and how to best present the news and information you require to do your job better. By having an editor in the role of business development you can be assured that the new features and functionality we’ll be rolling out best serve you and your needs in this highly challenging environment.

I’m very happy to be joining the team here, and look forward to helping them continue their development of new ways to bring you the latest information about technology solutions in both print and online. Aimee and the rest of the ECN editorial staff have a lot of great ideas on how to better serve you, and I’m here to help make them happen.

Recently ECN has launched many interesting and informative new features for you and redesigned the print publication to position itself for the next stage. Features like the Efficiency Zone address important industry trends with columns that illuminate and educate while new web functionality such as the ability to comment on articles online increase your ability to provide feedback to us and discuss issues with your peers.

Moving forward we will continue to improve the way we serve you by creating new platforms and editorial vehicles that provide new reader experiences. Print and online content will complement one another and offer you more opportunities to access information and solution providers.

We are going to present information to you in new ways, with such things as articles written by multiple authors with different perspectives on how to satisfy application requirements. We will also increase the number of opportunities to interact with the ECN staff, the industry, and your fellow readers on topics from hardware selection to industry concerns.

We will also be studying the way you work and tailor our content to your changing work environment and application requirements. How has convergence affected design? What are the challenges facing system integrators? How much support are you getting from vendors? We encourage you to send us your feedback and tell us how you are designing today and what you need from us to get that job done.

In addition, I would like to open my door to your ideas for new content and features that would serve you better. Is there some device category you feel needs more attention? Is there some information you’d like to see added to our coverage? Are there any current editorial features you’d like to see expanded (or even eliminated)?