I emailed a friend of mine about a week before April 1st lamenting the fact that we had a massive server migration coming up and the preparations were giving me a migraine. It turns out that he got stuck with the same April Fools event, and the Fortune 500 company that bought the Fortune 500 company he currently works for had also planned an April 1 switchover between servers. His migraine definitely sounded like a Fortune 500 migraine.

To the unwary, non-IT folks among us, the word ‘switchover’ sounds a lot like just flipping a switch. The rest of you know that this is a grotesque simplification. If nothing else, I am being educated in the data management behemoth that is the Back Office. Regardless of how divorced we think we are from the IT department, all of us in every other department of an organization are directly affected by how well things like servers, software programs and telecommunication networks are working.

But here at ECN magazine, we love a challenge. So we decided that now is as good a time as any to redesign our website, Testing both the robustness of the new servers and the patience and understanding of the individuals who serve the servers, we took on a new content management system (CMS) that is used to provide immediate updates to the site. We also took on the consultants who integrated the CMS on to our new servers, and the designers who occasionally stuck their heels in the sand when we told them what our readers look for on our magazine’s website and how it should appear.

I am now pleased to announce the redesign of Like most websites, it is a constant work in progress and we depend upon visitors like you to let us know what you think. A sister publication of ours also underwent a redesign and uses the expression ‘Pardon our Dust’, because like most ‘construction’ sites there is some settling that has to take place. However, I do believe you will like the changes and the added features. will continue to post new products daily (Products of the Day) and alert you to what your peers find most interesting to read on the site (Most Popular), as well as offer hundreds of products and articles over and above what you see in the print edition of ECN. We are also launching our Efficiency Zone where we’ll post news, links to resources, reader comments, case studies and other reference information regarding energy efficient products and designs. There is much more to check out and we encourage you to do so.

Finally, I would like to mention the importance of the editorial print staff to Historically, print editors did not have much of a role with their online product. Content from the publication became the content on the website, usually transferred by a web editor whose involvement in the print publication was little or none. At ECN, the print editors are closely involved with the website and responsible for the accuracy and usefulness of the content online, as well as contributing to web exclusive content posted daily. Conversely, our online editor works closely with the print editors so that our editorial focus and direction is consistent in both mediums.

This isn’t the end of it, of course, but we trust you will like our new beginning.


Aimee Kalnoskas