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Mike BeunderIn today's podcast we talk to Mike Beunder, CEO of Vector Fabrics on 
 optimization and parallelization of applications for multi-core processors. Their vfThreaded-x86 cloud-based software tool facilitates the optimization and parallelization of applications for multi-core x86 architectures. 

Here is another link to the podcast in case the play button is not visible: Vector Fabrics interview

Here is a presentation on the company's technology: Vector Fabrics Presentation

Here is a recent release from the company:

Vector Fabrics today announced the availability of its vfThreaded-x86 cloud-based software tool that facilitates the optimization and parallelization of applications for multi-core x86 architectures. Aimed at software developers that write performance-centric code such as for high-performance computing, scientific, industrial, video or imaging applications, the tool greatly reduces the time involved and the risks associated with optimizing code for the latest multi-core x86 processors.

“We’re excited to bring our proven parallelization technologies to the programming community that develops applications for the Intel architecture. Our tools make it easy to speed up a program using multiple threads, something programmers often shy away from since they find it difficult to split up code and to avoid hard-to-find bugs. Our tools largely automate this otherwise error-prone and lengthy manual parallelization process”, said Mike Beunder, CEO of Vector Fabrics.

By using thorough dynamic and static code analysis techniques, vfThreaded-x86 quickly analyzes code and guides the developer to make the right choices for partitioning code to separate cores. This includes examining cache hit/miss effects, data bandwidth to memories and bandwidth between individual code sections. An easy to use and intuitive graphical user interface provides code visualizations that highlight code hotspots and dependencies that might require partitioning trade-offs.

The tool models and predicts code performance improvements prior to altering the code, significantly saving a developer’s time trying code changes on an ad-hoc trial basis. Using the point-and-click performance analysis feature quickly identifies productive code changes. In addition, the dependency analysis function avoids data races and promotes a correct-by-construction approach to multi-core development.

vfThreaded-x86 is available as a cloud-based software service and is accessed through the Vector Fabrics website using a standard web browser. The software development tool runs in the industry-leading, highly secure Amazon EC2 cloud, giving developers peace of mind. This cloud solution provides virtually unlimited performance, is highly reliable, runs under Windows, Linux and Apple, is easy to deploy and seamlessly upgraded. Pricing is based on a simple subscription fee that includes technical support. License fees start from 175 for a single month of use.

Vector Fabrics is a member of Intel’s Software Partner Program. The Program provides software companies and individuals a range of resources to help them develop, optimize, and market commercially available applications running on Intel platforms and technologies.

More information on vfThreaded is available at