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In today's podcast we talk to Parviz Ghaffaripour Akros Silicon's President and CEO, Parviz Ghaffaripour about power electronics today and the challenges to the design engineer. We also talk about their new Energy$ense family of multi-output, digital DC/DC power management unit ICs.

Here is a link to the podcast in case the play button is not visible: Akros Interview

Here is a release on the device family:

Energy$ense Akros Silicon, a premier supplier of leading-edge intelligent energy management ICs, today announced the new Energy$ense family of multi-output, digital DC/DC power management unit (DPMU) ICs. Energy$ense technology features include real-time power measurements and power-subsystem health monitoring, high efficiency (94% peak) and ultra-low standby current (<10uA), digital power control (via I2C) for selectable power operating modes, fast transient-handling capability for implementing adaptive power profiles, built-in spread-spectrum clocking for EMI management, and built-in sophisticated PWM-dimming for battery-draining LED-backlight displays.

“Akros has developed the AS19xx Series of Energy$ense DC/DC DPMUs to address the growing need for a total energy management paradigm in modern platforms,” said Parviz Ghaffaripour, President & CEO. “True to our leadership in network-based energy management, the AS19xx series incorporates unique Energy$ense features on top of essential digital power manager features so that our customers can deliver power-management innovation and performance in their equipment in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  Additionally, the AS19xx family of products addresses the needs of system designers by offering 10 pin-compatible products that pack a variety of features, including a wide input voltage range of 3-27V, load range of 0.5A-10A, switching frequency from 100kHz-2MHz, and internal spread-spectrum clocking with external synchronization input. These features minimize external BOM and board space, while offering great flexibility in multi-platform designs.”

The 10 devices in the new AS19xx Series come in different combinations of synchronous buck, boost and LED-drive converter configurations. With unique feature sets to facilitate simple implementation of real-time and adaptive energy management schemas, the AS19xx series is a cost-effective choice for a wide range of applications including 4G LTE residential gateways and femtocells, tablets and large display-oriented consumer devices, ultra-books, e-books, digital photo frames, NAS and media hubs, Internet-TV and IPTV set-top boxes, automotive infotainment systems, solid-state lighting, communication equipment with cluster-power or intermediate bus architectures, and many others.  

The AS19xx Series consists of 10 triple- and dual-output power-managers that come in combinations of two synchronous buck regulators and a choice of a buck-boost or LED-boost controller. Devices come in either hardware-only mode or hardware and software (I2C) mode configuration. The software-mode devices provide access to advance power management features such as input power measurements, software-driven LED-dimming and daisy chaining. For detailed part number information, please see the AS19xx Product Page: ($ense_DC-DC).

The AS19xx product family is offered in 5x5mm, 32-lead RoHS-compliant QFN packages, in industrial temperature ranges from -40°C to +85°C. Products are in full production and priced starting at $1.46 per unit in 3K quantities. 

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