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Jon KiachianIn this episode, we talk to Jon Kiachian, the senior marketing director for touch technologies at Atmel about the touchscreen space and Atmel's efforts to advance engineer's abilities to create products and devices for a variety of applications.


Here is another link to the podcast: Atmel Interview

Here is a release on Atmel touchscreen technology at this year's ESC:

Atmel, a leader in microcontroller and touch solutions, announced that it will be exhibiting at ESC Silicon Valley in San Jose, California, May 2-5, 2011. At the show, the company will have several live demonstrations on a variety of Atmel microcontroller, touch and embedded solutions including:

•Microcontroller Solutions. Highlighting its leadership in microcontroller (MCU) solutions, Atmel will demonstrate several demos featuring its AVR® and ARM®-based architectures. The company will showcase the Atmel AVR Studio® 5.0, a complete development platform to demonstrate how all Atmel AVRs can be programmed within this environment, on the Atmel XMEGA® A1 and Xplained boards and JTAGICE3 debugger. There will also be a Sensors Xplained add-on board and several solutions demonstrating the Atmel AVR low-power picoPower® technology and audio solutions. To highlight the Atmel wireless microcontroller technologies using AVR architecture, the company will display ZigBee RF4CE and ZigBee PRO evaluation kits. Atmel will also highlight several ARM-based solutions including a SAM3N Cortex M3 MCU with QTouch®, a SAM3U Cortex™ M3 MCU with high-speed USB and a SAM3S Cortex M3 flash MCU. Also on display will be an ARM-based motion detector camera, an in-home display platform using an ARM-based solution and innovative ARM-based user interfaces.
•Touch Solutions. Leading the market with capacitive touch technologies, Atmel will be showcasing the EVK1085 highlighting its recently-launched haptics capability on its 8-button touch controller. This demonstration will support up to 14 haptic effects. The company will also display the Atmel QT600 suite with a QTouch16 sensor board and a proximity demonstration.
•Other Embedded Solutions. Atmel will also display its memory and Crypto products in several digital temperature sensing solutions. To measure the temperatures using Atmel digital temperature sensors will be two boards: one to include a light bulb measuring its temperature on the Atmel Xplained AVR board and another connected to an actuator and louver to show its temperature. A demonstration of an authenticated and cloned battery will also be on display illustrating the security features of the Atmel ATSHA204 kits.
On Wednesday, May 4 at 4:30 pm Pacific Time, Atmel Product Marketing Manager Ilya Bagrak will also be presenting a session entitled "What's Secret Sauce of Low Power Smart Devices?" in the 'Powering Embedded Designs' track. In this 60-minute session, Mr. Bagrak will discuss how developers can increase the battery life of wireless devices using low-power technologies such as picoPower.

For additional information about Atmel's presence at ESC Silicon Valley 2011, please visit: