With the recent spate of natural disasters occurring around the globe, this month's installment of the Tinker's Toolbox continues our migration from a discussion of general engineering tools to a more focused debate on an engineer's role in disaster relief and what should be in an engineer first-responder toolkit.

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Participants in this discussion include:

Thierry Goossens
Thierry Goosens, FCI
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richard levin
Richard Levin,
National Semicondutor
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Dave Webber from C&K
David Webber, C&K
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Topics discussed include the importance ot self-sufficiency and an integrated architecture for power and computing as well as the need for "away-team" belt, hand, and backpack tool sets for recovery engineers to carry into the scene of the disaster.

We encourage you to contribute your ideas as to the functions and support EEs can provide in a disaster regios, and what kinds of tools and equiptment they should carry to perform those tasks.

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One of the people submitting ideas and/or questions to the group will get copies of two recently-released books:

Substrate Noise Coupling in Analog/RF Circuits


RFID-Enabled Sensor Design and Applications

So send in your comments and questions to and win!