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Engineer It -- Thermal considerations when selecting an integrated motor driver

July 8, 2013 9:10 am | Comments

Learn what specs and characteristics to look at from a thermal perspective when selecting an integrated motor driver from motor driver expert Mike Firth. Editor's note: ECN will be running the "Engineer It" video series from Texas Instruments each Monday in our e-newsletters. Stay tuned!


EEVblog #491 - Nintendo 64 game console teardown

July 3, 2013 10:13 am | Comments

What's inside a 1997 vintage Nintendo 64 gaming console? All the silicon in the N64 was manufactured by: 1. NEC (CPU, RCP, RDRAM), 2. Rohm (linear a/v), 3. Sharp (regulators, security/contorller PIF), 4. Macronix (rambus clock generators, mask roms)


M.Net Newswire 2 — The gray area of 3D-printed guns

July 2, 2013 3:12 pm | Comments

In this episode of's Manufacturing Newswire, remaking American security, Amazon eyes the smartphone market, and a blow to the nation's labor unions. We'll also updated you on Window's Blue, take a brief look at the uncertainty in U.S. manufacturing, and the liability surrounding 3-D printed guns.


Kickstarter of the Week: A bomb squad-approved quadcopter

July 2, 2013 8:53 am | Comments

Today on PD&D's Kickstarter of the Week, after being approached by the Utah Bomb Squad for an aerial vision solution that could help search buildings for potential threats, Utah Aerials has launched a campaign to create an easy-to-use, open-source quadcopter.


Engineer It - How to avoid amplifier input/output swing limitations

July 1, 2013 11:48 am | Comments

In Texas Instrument's "Engineer It" video series, learn how to avoid amplifier input and output swing limitations from amplifier expert Art Kay. Editor's note: ECN will be running the "Engineer It" video series from Texas Instruments each Monday in our e-newsletters. Stay tuned!

Engineering Newswire 44: World’s fastest electric race car goes 186 mph

June 28, 2013 11:35 am | by Eric Sorensen, Coordinator of Multimedia Development | Comments

Nissan has unveiled its ZEOD RC electric racing car, providing an innovative test bed for electric technologies. According to Nissan, the Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car, will reach speeds of more than 300 km/h, making it the world's fastest electric car.


The kill decision shouldn't belong to a robot

June 27, 2013 10:25 am | by Daniel Suarez, TED Talk | Comments

As a novelist, Daniel Suarez spins dystopian tales of the future. But on the TEDGlobal stage, he talks us through a real-life scenario we all need to know more about: the rise of autonomous robotic weapons of war. Advanced drones, automated weapons and AI-powered intelligence-gathering tools, he suggests, could take the decision to make war out of the hands of humans.


Engineering Update #14: Self-parking cars, holographs, and remote-control cockroaches

June 27, 2013 9:44 am | by Eric Sorensen, Coordinator of Multimedia Development | Comments

This episode of ECN's Engineering Update is brought to you by Mouser Electronics, the electronic components distributor with the widest selection of the newest products. In this week's headlines: Volvo's Self-Parking Car: Volvo recently unveiled their autonomous self-parking concept car....


Engineering Newswire 43: The flying bicycle

June 26, 2013 2:14 pm | Interpower Corporation | Comments

Today on Engineering Newswire, brought to you by Interpower Corporation, the premier supplier of power system components with a one week manufacturing lead time and over four million parts in stock, we're flying bicycles, wearing augmented reality glasses in class, and setting aviation milestones with helicopters.


Engineer It: How to prevent electrical overstress of analog integrated circuits

June 24, 2013 8:48 am | Comments

Learn how to avoid electrical overstress and prevent damage your analog integrated circuit from precision amps expert Thomas Kuehl. Editor's note: ECN will be running the "Engineer It" video series from Texas Instruments each Monday in the Daily e-newsletter. Stay tuned!


Engineering Update #13: Internet-beaming balloons and a robotic cat

June 20, 2013 11:42 am | Comments

On this episode of ECN's Engineering Update: A robot that runs like a cat: EPFL's Biorobotics Lab has designed a cheetah-cub robot. The light-weight, quick, and agile movement of the feline-inspired robot could one day be used for search and rescue missions.


Engineering Newswire 42: Futuristic airplanes carry passenger pods

June 13, 2013 12:27 pm | Comments

Clip-Air project researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology are currently working on the technical feasibility of futuristic airplanes with a single flying wing that can transport up to three capsules. The autonomous capsules would be 30 meters long and weigh 30 tons, roughly the size of a railroad car so they’re also compatible with existing rail systems.


HotSpot Episode 16: Big Brother is watching

June 11, 2013 11:06 am | Comments

The news wires have been saturated with the leaked details of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) called PRISM, which has been collecting phone records from Verizon customers under a top-secret government order. According to a top-secret document obtained by the Washington Post: The NSA and FBI are tapping directly into the central servers of nine leading U.S. Internet companies....


Kickstarter of the Week: The bread & butter of engineering

June 11, 2013 9:46 am | Comments

Today on PD&D's Kickstarter of the Week, we're experimenting with the Crowfie, a user interface panel that makes it easy to test and develop your software code and electronics interfaces. The Crowfie is a user interface panel between you and your microcontroller, electronics, robotics drive systems, and actuators.


Engineering Newswire 41: New suits designed for 'space diving'

June 10, 2013 9:53 am | Comments

Hi-tech inventors at Solar System Express and biotech designers Juxtopia are collaborating on a suit set to release in 2016, which will allow adrenaline junkies to space dive from up to 62 miles above the Earth's surface - at the very edge of space - and safely land using thruster boots instead of a parachute.



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