Engineering Newswire: Multicopter flies like chopper, drives like car

Thu, 03/06/2014 - 9:39am
Alex Shanahan, Multimedia Production Specialist

This week on Engineering Newswire, we're using nanotubes to reduce flammability, test-driving BMW's i3 in Las Vegas, and creating real-life transformers with a multicopter. This episode features: 

- We didn't start the fire: Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have created a uniform, multi-walled carbon-nanotube-based coating that reduces furniture foam flammability by 35 percent.

- Test-driving the i3...lost in Las Vegas: PD&D had the opportunity to test-drive BMW's all-electric SUV at CES 2014, putting the new green design to the test.

- Robots in disguise: Advanced Tactics has developed a vertical take-off and landing aircraft that also features off-road automobile capabilities, which leverages the simplicity and robustness of a multi-copter at a full-scale size. 

See: Photos of the Day: The AT Black Knight Transformer


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