Engineering Update #17: The DIY quadrotor and 3D-printed Mini-Me

Thu, 07/25/2013 - 12:49pm

This episode of ECN's Engineering Update is brought to you by Mouser Electronics (, the electronic components distributor with the widest selection of the newest products. In this week's headlines:
· Interactive electronic skin lights up when touched: Engineers at the University of California, Berkeley have created a thin and interactive sensor network that can be layered onto the surfaces of virtually any shape.
· Drone It Yourself turns random objects into RC quadrotors: A Drone It Yourself project turns just about anything into a quadrotor drone with the addition of a few motors and a control unit.
· Twinkind 3D photo booth scans your body in a flash: A company called Twinkind in Hamburg, Germany is offering a 3D portrait service that creates your very own mini-me.


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