This episode of ECN's Engineering Update is brought to you by Mouser Electronics, the electronic components distributor with the widest selection of the newest products. In this week's headlines:

• Volvo's Self-Parking Car: Volvo recently unveiled their autonomous self-parking concept car, which features programming that allows drivers to simply drop their vehicle off at the final destination, as it parks itself.
• Holographic Video Displays: Researchers at MIT's Media Lab have developed a new projector for 3D holographic video displays.
• Steering Cockroaches with Video Game Controls: Researchers at NCST are using video games to remotely control cockroaches for mapping difficult environments, such as collapsed buildings and disaster sites.
• A Bigger, Better Electric Plane: The Elektro E6 is a twin prop, 6-passenger electric airplane concept with a faster electrical system that generates less noise, vibration, and CO2 emissions.

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