Today on Engineering Newswire, brought to you by Interpower Corporation, the premier supplier of power system components with a one week manufacturing lead time and over four million parts in stock, we're flying bicycles, wearing augmented reality glasses in class, and setting aviation milestones with helicopters. This episode features:

  • Ford engineers have joined forces with Utah-based Autonomous Solutions to come up with software and components for robotic operation of a test vehicle.
  • With the aid of 3D/PLM software tools from Dassault Systems, Czech companies Technodat, Evektor, and DURATEC have completed the test flight of a prototype electrical flying bicycle.
  • Eurocopter, a Franco-German-Spanish division of EADS, made aviation history with its X3 helicopter flying 263 knots in a descending flight. Now, the hybrid copter reached another milestone speed of 255 knots in level flight.
  • The Augmented Lecture Feedback System, also known as ALF, is the latest project to come out of the UC3M Interactive Systems Group to improve communication between students and professors during large university lectures.

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