XMOS For Motor Control Applications - part 1 of 2

Mon, 11/08/2010 - 12:24am

Watch PART 2 here: Discuss this video with our huge community: Join Thomas Gmeinder, Paul Hampson, and Ed Clarke as they discuss how you can use XMOS for Motor Control applications - for example with brushless DC motors. XMOS is the only architecture that provides a hard real time guarantee in timing - with this determinism the XMOS solution has a key advantage in safety critical systems. To learn about why you should be using XMOS for motor control please watch the video. About XMOS: XMOS is the leader in event-driven processors™ for digital electronics. XMOS event-driven processors ™ are high performance, predictable, processors. They allow complete systems to be implemented in software using interface, DSP and control code. XMOS is an enabling technology for the Open Source Hardware community. Designs, including USB, Ethernet, and SD-RAM controllers are available in an ever-expanding library of open source code. Free to download, the XMOS development tools are supported by a vibrant community of digital designers and software engineers. XMOS is based in Bristol, UK, Sunnyvale, CA, and Chennai, India with sales offices and representatives across the world.

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