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The Facebook "phone" that no one wants

April 8, 2013 2:56 pm | by Kasey Panetta, Managing Editor | Articles | Comments

Well, well, well. It looks like Facebook has finally decided to join the big boys and create their own phone. It’s the phone that absolutely no one was waiting for. To quote the parody video below, “Stop. Don’t do that. Nobody wants it.”

ABC switch enables the user to access three 10/100/1000 Base-T CAT5e networks for each channel

April 8, 2013 11:35 am | Electro Standards Laboratories | Product Releases | Comments

Electro Standards Laboratories announces the Model 9462 5-channel CAT5e RJ45 A/B/C switch. This manually operated switch features independent switching in a slim rackmount configuration. The Model 9462 enables the user to access three 10/100/1000 Base-T CAT5e networks for each channel.

One-resistor-tunable timer ICs operate over wide supply voltage range

April 3, 2013 11:09 am | Product Releases | Comments

Touchstone Semiconductor  added four, high-accuracy, micropower timer ICs to its rapidly expanding family of “NanoWatt Analog” timer integrated circuits. These higher-single-supply voltage, second-generation timer ICs operate over a wide supply voltage range


Top 10 must-read posts from March

April 3, 2013 10:47 am | by Kasey Panetta, Managing Editor | Blogs | Comments

Here’s a rundown of the most read, most popular, most awesome articles on the web. Take a look at what you missed the first time around or check up on an old favorite to see the conversation in the comments. Keep checking out the Lead at and follow us on Twitter @ecnonline for our most up-to-date articles.

400W quarter-brick converters attain 95% efficiency in standard DOSA footprint

April 2, 2013 2:15 pm | Tdk Corporation Of America, TDK-Lambda Americas, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

TDK Corporation announces the new TDK-Lambda iQG Series of DC-DC converters that are ideal for intermediate or distributed bus power architectures.  Featuring a low profile package that is only 0.52 inch high, these converters have been designed with confined space and demanding thermal environments....

Virtual reality, goggles and all, attempts comeback at Game Developers Conference

April 1, 2013 8:47 am | by DERRIK J. LANG AP Entertainment Writer | News | Comments

It's back. The virtual reality headset, the gizmo that was supposed to seamlessly transport wearers to three-dimensional virtual worlds, has made a remarkable return at this year's Game Developers Conference, an annual gathering of video game makers in San Francisco.

A legitimate case for drones

March 29, 2013 3:32 pm | by Kasey Panetta, Managing Editor | Blogs | Comments

There’s been a lot of chatter in the news (and here on ECN) about drones. These arguments usually come down to questions about ethics, military power and tangentially the military industrial complex, and the relationship of the US with various other countries. It’s rare to see drones talked about in any context outside of military.

Coaxial resonator oscillator operates from 5685 MHz to 5780 MHz

March 28, 2013 11:41 am | Crystek Crystal | Product Releases | Comments

Crystek’s CVCO55CXT-5685-5780 Coaxial Resonator Oscillator (CRO) is a coaxial-based VCO with an internal proprietary frequency doubler. The family’s frequency doubling, 2X fundamental technology is asserted to reach new performance levels of


MEMS oscillator presents small size, power savings for mobile applications

March 27, 2013 3:31 pm | SiTime Corp. | Product Releases | Comments

SiTime introduced the SiT15xx family of 32 kHz MEMS oscillators that are positioned to replace legacy quartz crystal resonators. This family is targeted at mobile applications such as smart phones and tablets, which require small size and low power. The family rivals quartz-based devices and

ZigBee radio chip enables deep sleep modes of set-top boxes

March 27, 2013 11:01 am | Product Releases | Comments

GreenPeak Technologies announces the GP501, a new generation of ZigBee transceivers which contains a sophisticated coexistence scheme that allows Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee chips to work side by side in the same device. The GP501 also contains Deep Packet Inspection allowing deep sleep modes of set-top boxes....

Power shelf offers up to 96% efficiency

March 25, 2013 4:53 pm | Product Releases | Comments

DongAh Elecomm announced a high-efficiency NESpace Energy-Saving Power Shelf that offers up to 96% efficiency and a loss reduction of greater than 50%. NESpace significantly reduces energy consumption and loss over standard power supplies. Easy installation and maintenance make it ideal for power-hungry datacom and telecom applications....

Smart grid technology of the future

March 22, 2013 2:53 pm | Articles | Comments

We asked our industry experts to weigh in on our Smart Grid question: What home energy technology do you expect to see as a breakthrough in the next 12 months?

What home energy technology will break through in the next 12 months?

March 22, 2013 2:41 pm | Articles | Comments

Our energy and Smart technology experts weigh in to answer our smart grid question for this month: What home energy technology do you expect to see as a breakthrough in the next 12 months?


NYC's terrible subway map idea

March 22, 2013 11:46 am | by Kasey Panetta, Associate Editor | Blogs | Comments

Sometimes ideas that seem well-intentioned (in theory) actually fall somewhere in the realm of “worst idea ever” when it comes to real-life implementation. This includes ideas like holograms in the airport or QR codes for remote real estate signs (or using QR codes for anything at all, ever).  

PXI Express chassis serves applications requiring enhanced bandwidth and higher density and capacity

March 20, 2013 10:19 am | Product Releases | Comments

ADLINK Technology announced a new PXI Express (PXIe) chassis for applications requiring enhanced bandwidth and higher density and capacity. ADLINK’s PXES-2780, an 18-slot PXI Express chassis with 10 hybrid peripheral slots, provides a configurable PCI Express (PCIe) switch fabric....

1600 watt power supply features 92% efficiency with digital controls

March 20, 2013 10:06 am | Tdk Corporation Of America, TDK-Lambda Americas, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

TDK Corporation announces the new TDK-Lambda RFE1600 Series: a 1600W single-output AC-DC power supply in a low-profile package (less than 1U high) for standalone or distributed power architectures (DPA). These supplies are ideal for applications requiring reliable 12V, 24V, or 48VDC bulk power.

Technology forces your teen to stop texting and driving

March 19, 2013 12:19 pm | by Kasey Panetta, Associate Editor | Blogs | Comments

Everyone knows texting (or Redditing or Facebooking or Tweeting) while driving is a bad idea, but that doesn’t stop people from doing it. It’s pretty easy to justify if it’s “just a quick text to my mom” or “a quick peek at my email.” It’s just as easy to end up in an accident because you were distracted.

An itch for telecom reform

March 18, 2013 5:00 pm | by Brian Santo, Editor-in-Chief, CED magazine | Blogs | Comments

More than two decades after the Cable Act of 1992, and almost that long since the Telecommunications Act of 1996, it appears that the sentiment that it’s time for wide-ranging, substantive telecom reform is beginning to coalesce among legislators.

SMT frequency synthesizer operates from 118 to 130 MHz

March 18, 2013 11:26 am | Em Research | Product Releases | Comments

The LX-130-XA is a surface-mount frequency synthesizer from EM Research, operating from 118 to 130 MHz and featuring exceptionally-low phase noise (<-142 dBc/Hz @ 100 KHz) when locked to a 10 MHz external reference. The device can also be programmed to utilize either 10 KHz or 25 KHz step sizes via 3-wire serial programming.

Stereotyping prime obstacle to women in commercial science

March 13, 2013 9:14 am | by Eurekalert! | News | Comments

Female professors are almost 50 percent less likely than their male counterparts to be invited to join corporate scientific advisory boards (SABs) and start new companies mainly because of gender stereotyping, says University of Maryland researcher Waverly Ding, an assistant professor of management at the Robert H. Smith School of Business.

The best use for Google Glass yet

March 13, 2013 9:05 am | by Kasey Panetta, Associate Editor | Blogs | Comments

There is something universally horrifying about that moment at a party when you meet someone briefly but you can’t recall his name when you bump into him a few minutes later or running into a coworker on the street during lunch and being unable to come up with anything besides "that lady who works two cubes down from me".

'Mobile surfers': Report finds more youth accessing Web on smartphones, challenging oversight

March 13, 2013 9:05 am | by MARTHA IRVINE AP National Writer | News | Comments

Keep computers in a common area so you can monitor what your kids are doing. It's a longstanding directive for online safety - but one that's quickly becoming moot as more young people have mobile devices, often with Internet access.  A new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project finds that 78 percent of young people, ages 12 to 17, now have cellphones.

February 2013 Supplement: Power

March 11, 2013 4:13 pm | Digital Editions | Comments

Wireless charging technology has been recognized as a very attractive solution to a wide range of applications because it conveniently replaces power cords and charging cables. This emerging technology is being adopted for charging mobile phones and other handheld devices.

Integrated radio modules help engineers develop ZigBee wireless apps using TI development kits

March 11, 2013 3:49 pm | Anaren Microwave Inc | Product Releases | Comments

Anaren, Inc. has introduced a family of four Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) modules designed to help OEMs develop products that wirelessly communicate in compliance with the ZigBee standard. Based on the Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) CC2530 low-power RF SoC

PoE injector extends PoE up to 200 meters & features SNMP protocol

March 11, 2013 12:02 pm | Phihong | Product Releases | Comments

Phihong USA has developed a new single-output midspan that can power IEEE802.3at compliant applications up to 200 meters (660 feet) from a network switch. The waterproof injector, designated the POE33S-1AT-N, has an output of 33.6W at 56V DC and is ideal for applications in harsh environments, including IP cameras and wireless access points.

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