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20 GHz RF Signal Generator Features 200-microsecond Frequency Switching Time

February 28, 2011 9:22 am | Product Releases | Comments

Saelig introduced the APSIN20G low-noise, fast-switching microwave signal generator covering a frequency range from 10 MHz up to 20 GHz. It provides micro-Hz frequency resolution, a wide and accurately-flat output power range to 30 dBm, and low spurious levels.

Line Leakage Tester Addresses Medical Device Compliance

February 28, 2011 9:15 am | Product Releases | Comments

Associated Research added enhanced features to its LINECHEK II model 620L Line Leakage tester for compliance testing for medical device manufacturers. The 620L is able to perform the most commonly required Line Leakage tests as called out in such specifications as UL2601, UL60601-1, IEC601-1, IEC60601-1, and EN60601-1 among others. It also has

Linear Motor Actuator Features Maximum Continuous Force Output up to 270.7 N

February 28, 2011 8:00 am | Product Releases | Comments

The ACT is a high performance, cost-effective linear-servomotor-driven actuator that is faster and more accurate than a ball screw or belt-drive without the costly, time-consuming maintenance ball screw or belt-drives require.


SiA444DJT purportedly features the industry's lowest profile for an n-channel MOSFET

February 28, 2011 7:52 am | Product Releases | Comments

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. today introduced new 30 V n-channel and 20 V p-channel TrenchFET power MOSFETs in the thermally enhanced Thin PowerPAK SC-70 package with an ultra-low 0.6 mm profile. The new SiA444DJT features the industry's lowest profile for an n-channel MOSFET...

Switching regulators provide up to 1A of output current

February 28, 2011 7:48 am | Product Releases | Comments

Available now from MicroPower Direct, the SRM7810 series is a family of ultra-miniature, point of load switching regulators that provide up to 1A of output current. These converters are specifically designed to replace inefficient linear regulators (LM78xx type)...

Laser Beam Analysis Software Adds Support for High Speed GigE Cameras

February 28, 2011 7:27 am | Product Releases | Comments

Ophir Photonics announced that its BeamGage laser beam analysis software, now supports GigE cameras for high-speed applications. GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) cameras provide high speed, up to 1 Gigabit/s transmission rates, in a

Test Tools Operate in High-hazard Environments

February 28, 2011 7:18 am | Product Releases | Comments

Fluke has introduced a new family of Fluke clamp meters and a new four-channel hand-held oscilloscope — engineered to give electricians and maintenance technicians new ways to work safely and reduce their exposure to electrical shock. Fluke 381, 376, 375 and 374 current clamps and iFlex current probes are rated for

LTE-Advanced Signal Generation, Analysis Solutions Touted as Industry’s First

February 28, 2011 7:12 am | Keysight Technologies | Product Releases | Comments

Agilent Technologies Inc. Introduced its dedicated LTE-Advanced signal generation and signal analysis solutions. The company’s new Signal Studio and 89600B Vector Signal Analysis software for LTE-Advanced support the generation and analysis of FDD and TDD signals compliant with the 3GPP Release 10 standard. Using these solutions, design engineers can


Brainstorm: Unmanned Systems

February 28, 2011 6:48 am | by Edited by Jason Lomberg, Technical Editor | Articles | Comments

What is the next big advancement in unmanned weapons systems?

Low MOSFET Gate Resistance – A Key requirement for Improving Efficiency of DC-DC Converters

February 28, 2011 6:00 am | by Omar Hassen and Vijay Viswanathan, International Rectifier, | Articles | Comments

Improvements in Si MOSFET technology, particularly in the last decade, have enabled significant reduction in power consumption of servers...

WLCSP socket operates at bandwidths up to 10 GHz

February 28, 2011 5:37 am | Ironwood Electronics, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

Ironwood Electronics has recently introduced a new high performance WLCSP socket for 0.5mm pitch 40 ball WLCSP and 0.4mm pitch 30 ball WLCSP accommodated in the same socket. The SG-BGA-7203 socket is designed for two different WLCSPs to be tested...

LED designed for quarter-watt operation

February 28, 2011 5:28 am | Product Releases | Comments

Cree, Inc. announces the commercial availability of the XLamp ML-B LED. Designed for quarter-watt operation, the XLamp ML-B LED brings lighting-class performance to distributed lighting applications where the light source is visible...

Thunderbolt Sideswipes USB3.0 – or does it?

February 28, 2011 5:03 am | by Eric Broockman, Alereon ( | Blogs | Comments

The big question is – will Thunderbolt kill USB3.0 before it has even begun to become popular? The simple answer is no.


Return to Zero - Deep Freeze

February 28, 2011 3:50 am | Articles | Comments

Return-to-zero is a new comic strip for engineers, with lab humor and exploding circuits that of course makes a sport out of solving the trickiest of engineering problems.

Agilent Easter Egg

February 28, 2011 3:32 am | Videos | Comments

In this episode of the EEVBlog, Dave finds an Easter Egg in the new Agilent 2000/3000 series Scopes.

Selecting the Right Series Voltage Reference for Absolute-Accuracy Voltage-Output DAC Designs

February 25, 2011 10:03 am | Videos | Comments

An in depth analysis and procedure for selecting the optimum series voltage reference for voltage output DACs from Farnell ( and Maxim.

Dual Lobe Single Row connectors conform to MIL-DTL-32139.2

February 25, 2011 8:10 am | Product Releases | Comments

SRI Hermetics’ laser weldable hermetic aluminum Nano-Miniature Dual Lobe Single Row connectors conform to MIL-DTL-32139/2 (receptacles) and are available in 9, 15, 21, 25, 31, 37, and 51 pin/socket configurations. These connectors have socket contacts on 0.025” spacing...

DC-DC Converter Series Offers a a 9-36 VDC and 18-75 VDC input range

February 25, 2011 7:05 am | Product Releases | Comments

Calex Mfg. Co., Inc. announces the 400 Watt FBW DC/DC Converter Series. The FBW Series offers an industry first, a 9-36 VDC and 18-75 VDC input range in a 4.6" x 2.4" x 0.55" high package. The wide input range provides an ideal solution for industrial and military COTS applications...

AC Line Regulators Withstand Heat Up to 149°F

February 24, 2011 12:08 pm | Product Releases | Comments

Falcon Electric, Inc. announced its new line of SVR-PL Series ultra-wide temperature AC power line regulators. The series is available in five power models, and it has been designed to operate in extreme temperature environments beyond

Stereo Analog Subsystem Includes Class G Headphone Amp for Extended Playback

February 24, 2011 11:45 am | Product Releases | Comments

National Semiconductor announced what it asserts is the industry’s first stereo analog subsystem with integrated Class G headphone amplifier and automatic level control (ALC) for smartphones and feature phones. The PowerWise LM49251’s Class G headphone amp dynamically

Low-Loss RF Coaxial Cables operate up to 18GHz

February 24, 2011 10:17 am | Product Releases | Comments

Crystek has introduced the LL335 Series Cable Assemblies, a new addition to their line of Low-Loss RF Coaxial Cables. Designed to operate up to 18GHz, the CCSMA-MM-LL335 Cable Assemblies boast extremely low loss, with attenuation ratings of 0.03 dB/ft at 500 MHz, and 0.20 dB/ft at 18GHz.

Micrel Launches Industry's Smallest System Power Triple LDO Family

February 24, 2011 10:12 am | Product Releases | Comments

Micrel Inc. today introduced a new family of triple low dropout regulators (LDOs), the MIC5373/83/74/84 series. The products feature three 200mA LDOs, an optional fourth LDO output for a real time clock (RTC), integrated power on reset (POR), user-defined voltage monitoring capabilities...

Oscilloscopes offer ''breakthrough technology''

February 24, 2011 10:01 am | Keysight Technologies | Product Releases | Comments

Electronics distributor Newark announced today that it is offering Agilent Technologies’ next-generation InfiniiVision 3000 and 2000 X-Series oscilloscope family. In addition, Bryan Thompson, a 25-year test and measurement veteran from Agilent Technologies is available to answer questions...

LED modules feature CRI values of up to 87

February 24, 2011 9:56 am | Product Releases | Comments

Sharp is again expanding its high power LED module portfolio by adding six 10W Mini Zeni components. They are compact, lightweight, economical and very bright. With a light output of up to 690 lumens, a luminous flux of up to 73 lm/W...

Elma Bustronic Offers CompactPCI PlusIO Backplanes

February 24, 2011 4:09 am | Product Releases | Comments

Elma Bustronic Corporation offers a CompactPCI PlusIO Backplane compliant to the latest PICMG 2.30 specifications. The first in the series is an 8-slot version in a 3U height. PICMG 2.30 expands the backplane with serial point-to-point connections for high-speed data transfer (PCIe, SATA, USB, Ethernet).

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