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Researchers create ‘nanoflowers’ for energy storage, solar cells

October 11, 2012 12:05 pm | by EurekAlert! | News | Comments

Researchers from North Carolina State University have created flower-like structures out of germanium sulfide, a semiconductor material that has extremely thin petals with an enormous surface area. The GeS flower holds promise for next-generation energy storage devices and solar cells...

Solar cells made from black silicon

October 9, 2012 5:29 pm | by EurekAlert! | News | Comments

Solar cells convert three-quarters of the energy contained in the Sun‘s spectrum into electricity, yet the infrared spectrum is entirely lost in standard solar cells. In contrast, black silicon solar cells are specifically designed to absorb this part of the Sun‘s spectrum...

Making moves and harvesting energy

October 3, 2012 2:49 pm | by Janine E. Mooney, Editor | News | Comments

Engineers are tossing the batteries and making advances to save wasted energy in more effective and realistic ways. Today’s technology offers the OEM more cultivated and feasible power options for wireless networks and devices. Also known as “power harvesting” or “energy scavenging”, energy harvesting is when energy originates elsewhere, from an external source.


A mentor's perspective: Project-based learning and student competitions

August 22, 2012 10:57 am | by Gen Sasaki, Principal Technical Consultant, MathWorks, | Blogs | Comments

I have experienced first hand the great learning opportunity such venues provide students to apply what they have learned in the classroom, and have fun (and a fair share of pain) doing it.  In addition, this hands-on learning brings greater understanding and gratification of the knowledge acquired in coursework.  In addition, a team competition

Keithley donation to Oregon State University Solar Vehicle Team boosts power by 50 percent

August 8, 2012 10:28 am | News | Comments

Keithley Instruments, Inc. is helping the electrical engineers of tomorrow characterize photovoltaic devices accurately and efficiently. Oregon State University’s Solar Vehicle Team (OSUSVT) has been putting the company’s donated Model 2440 5A SourceMeter instrument to work in analyzing and troubleshooting mono-crystalline silicon solar modules. These modules are powering

China PV market set to boom as government raises 2015 installation target to 21 GW

July 16, 2012 3:47 pm | News | Comments

Photovoltaic (PV) installations in China are set to reach over 4 gigawatts (GW) in the second half of the year, according to a new report from IMS Research (recently acquired by IHS Inc. (NYSE: IHS)). The latest version of China’s Five-Year-Plan for the PV industry reveals that China’s regulatory and planning body, NDRC, has lifted its installation target from 15 GW to 21 GW by 2015. This positive guideline will

Energy sector expected to drive growth in the screw jack market

June 5, 2012 9:41 am | News | Comments

IMS Research forecasts continued stable growth in the screw jack market over the next five years. The global screw jack market is mature and has had a low single digit growth profile in recent years. Screw jacks perform important handling and lifting functions in industry, civil transport and energy sectors. According to the IMS Research report,

High pressure pump touts advanced piezoelectric technology

May 30, 2012 10:32 am | Murata Power Solutions Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

Murata Americas launched what it asserts is the world's smallest microblower. Measuring 20 mm x 20 mm x 1.85 mm, Murata's MZB1001 microblower uses advanced piezoelectric technology to provide up to 0.8 L per minute of airflow and nearly 1.5 kPa of air pressure while


University of Florida physicists set new record for graphene solar cell efficiency

May 24, 2012 2:39 pm | by EurekAlert! | News | Comments

Doping may be a no-no for athletes, but researchers in the University of Florida's physics department say it was key in getting unprecedented power conversion efficiency from a new graphene solar cell created in their lab. Graphene solar cells are one of industry's great hopes for cheaper, durable solar power cells in the future.

Metastable material: Study shows availability of hydrogen controls chemical structure of graphene oxide

May 22, 2012 4:50 pm | by Georgia Institute of Technology | Articles | Comments

A new study shows that the availability of hydrogen plays a significant role in determining the chemical and structural makeup of graphene oxide, a material that has potential uses in nano-electronics, nano-electromechanical systems, sensing, composites, optics, catalysis and energy storage.  The study also found that after the material is produced,

Metallization materials tout desirable adhesion

May 19, 2012 12:31 pm | Product Releases | Comments

DuPont Microcircuit Materials has launched its next-generation back side silver material for high-efficiency solar cells. DuPon™ Solamet PV51x series photovoltaic metallization paste products are tabbing conductors made with

Silicon solar cables perform in harsh weather conditions

May 19, 2012 11:24 am | Product Releases | Comments

Rated for voltages up to 42,000 VDC, Cicoil’s Silicone Jacketed Solar Power Cables have been designed to provide absolute reliability in solar panel interconnection and photovoltaic applications. These halogen-free cables are flame retardant, flexible and are said to

Wireless transceiver promises double operation lifetime in smart meters

May 14, 2012 10:05 am | Stmicroelectronics | Product Releases | Comments

STMicroelectronics introduced a high-performance, ultra-low-power wireless transceiver for Automatic Meter Infrastructure and other wireless sensor node applications, such as alarm and security systems, home and building automation, and industrial monitoring and control. ST’s SPIRIT1 transceiver combines...


Tester targets photovoltaic modules and strings

May 14, 2012 9:32 am | Product Releases | Comments

MC Technologies’ PROFITEST-PV allows the measurement of I-U-parameters as well as photovoltaic-modules and strings. A new patented procedure enables the test unit to read peak power, serial resistance, parallel resistance at the same time. All information can

NPD Solarbuzz Announces Inaugural China PV Conference in Shanghai, July 19-20

May 10, 2012 10:08 am | News | Comments

Solarbuzz announced it will host its inaugural Solarbuzz China PV Conference in Shanghai, China. This two-day event will take place July 19-20, 2012 at the Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze Hotel, and will provide valuable insight and critical market data to help the PV supply chain effectively develop business strategies.

Higher solar cell efficiencies taking benefits of IC technology experience

May 4, 2012 9:36 am | by Philip Pieters, business development director Energy at imec, | Blogs | Comments

By bringing expertise of the semiconductor industry to the PV industry, we can significantly increase the efficiency of crystalline silicon solar cells. Of course, the semiconductor processes cannot simply be copied into the PV lines. They must be adapted towards higher throughput and lower cost. This is a challenge but also an opportunity for

MAGE SOLAR Opens Distribution Center in Arizona

March 27, 2012 7:41 am | News | Comments

MAGE SOLAR, part of the globally operating MAGE GROUP, announced today that it has added a new warehouse and distribution center in Phoenix, Arizona. Effective immediately, the company’s

Booming China Market Creates Great Opportunities for PV Inverter Manufacturers

March 27, 2012 7:36 am | News | Comments

The Chinese PV inverter market, driven by the introduction of the national FiT, grew by over 400% in 2011 to reach more than 2.5 GW in shipments according to a new report from IMS Research, recently acquired by IHS Inc. The report also found that the market was

IEEE Announces Five New Standards and a Standards-Development Project for the Smart Grid

March 12, 2012 2:34 pm | News | Comments

IEEE, the world's largest professional association advancing technology for humanity, today announced five new standards, as well as a modified standards-development project, that are all intended to aid the efficient rollout of the smart grid worldwide. The new standards and standards projects recently approved by the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Standards Board carve

Heliatek Opens Production Facility for the Manufacture of Organic Solar Films

March 12, 2012 2:19 pm | News | Comments

Heliatek GmbH inaugurated its first production facility for the manufacture of flexible organic solar panels in Dresden during a ceremony attended by the Prime Minister of Saxony, Stanislaw Tillich. Based on organic semiconductor materials, these flexible solar panels offer

IEEE International Electric Vehicle Conference to Showcase Emerging Trends in EV Tech

February 13, 2012 9:56 am | by Posted by Chris Warner | News | Comments

The first IEEE International Electric Vehicle Conference (IEVC) is scheduled for 4-8 March 2012 at the TD Convention Center in Greenville, SC. IEVC 2012 is designed to facilitate the exchange of information on global trends in technology, engineering, standards and deployment aspects among industrial, academic and regulatory thought leaders for the rapidly-growing worldwide electric vehicle ecosystem.

SMD-Terminal Block Line with Pushbutton Actuation Offers 1- and 3-pole Versions

February 1, 2012 9:54 am | Product Releases | Comments

WAGO Corporation’s 2060 Series SMD-Terminal Block line gains 1- and 3-pole variants, bringing push-button actuation to additional PCB-based LED lighting and electronics. This alternative to hand-soldering PCB leads streamlines termination and permits

Are We There Yet?

January 30, 2012 12:08 pm | by Greg Zimmer, Linear Technology Corporation, | Articles | Comments

Realizing a true gasoline competitor will require many improvements in battery technology. With new battery chemistries capable of big increases in energy and power density, comes significant complexity in battery management to enable their practical use.

Battery Fuel Gauge: Factual or Fallacy?

January 25, 2012 12:12 pm | by Isidor Buchmann, CEO & founder of Cadex Electronics Inc.,; | Articles | Comments

People may imagine the battery as being an energy storage device that is similar to a fuel tank dispensing liquid fuel. For simplicity reasons, a battery can be seen as such; however, measuring stored energy from an electrochemical device is far more complex. The battery fuel gauge is generally poorly understood in the medical field, and this article describes the challenges of measuring energy in a battery.

Capacitive Coupling Device Enables Wireless Charging Systems

January 12, 2012 11:14 am | Murata Power Solutions Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

Murata Electronics North America introduced its new wireless power transmission module at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. The higher power capability of the LXWS Series enables wireless charging systems for

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