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Cambridge Consultants Helps in Bringing Simplified DECT Phone to Market

January 19, 2011 8:17 am | News | Comments

Cambridge Consultants, a leading technology product design and development firm, has helped Punkt, a Swiss consumer electronics start up to develop the DP 01 phone. Designed by leading industrial designer Jasper Morrison, the DP 01 is a DECT phone re-invented for simplicity and intuitive functionality.

ARM & IBM to Collaborate on Advanced Semiconductor Technology for Mobile Electronics

January 19, 2011 8:13 am | News | Comments

As the consumer’s requirements increase for high end features on mobile devices including; extended battery life, uninterrupted internet access, high end multimedia and secure transactions the chip design becomes increasingly more challenging.

Intel Atom E6xx and E6x5C Series Training Programme Hits Europe

January 19, 2011 8:10 am | News | Comments

The Intel Atom processor E6xx series and E6x5C series hands-on-training programme is coming to five major cities throughout Europe in February, providing attendees with the opportunity to learn about the latest processor technology for embedded designs.


Binder-USA Expands RD24 Connectors to Accept Larger Cables

January 17, 2011 1:29 pm | by | News | Comments

Binder-USA has expanded its line of RD24 Series 692 and 693 right-angle connectors with PG11 and PG 13.5 cable outlets. The male and female cable connectors can now accept cables with an OD of...

O2Micro USB Charger Selected by Leading Camcorder OEM

January 11, 2011 11:32 am | by | News | Comments

O2Micro International Ltd. announced that its USB Charger (OZ8070) integrated circuit (IC) is in production in an industry-leading customer’s new Camcorder application. O2Micro’s USB Charger is a 2-cell Lithium Ion (LiIon) battery charging and protection...

European Standards Groups Agree on Micro-USB

January 3, 2011 2:35 am | News | Comments

Two European standardization bodies have agreed to make micro-USB the standard interface port for smartphones in Europe.

Ariane rocket launch postponed because of winds

December 29, 2010 7:15 am | News | Comments

The launch of a European Ariane rocket carrying two satellites was postponed because of strong winds high above French Guiana on Tuesday, space officials said.

Germany plans cyber-warfare defense center

December 29, 2010 7:01 am | News | Comments

Germany will create a new cyber-warfare defense center next year to fight off espionage attacks, the German interior ministry said. "We plan to create a so-called 'National Cyber-Defense Center' in 2011," a spokesman told reporters on Monday.


XP Power 100W Conduction Cooled AC-DC Supply Suits Sealed Enclosures and Harsh Environments

December 13, 2010 1:23 pm | by | News | Comments

XP Power announced the ECC100 series of 100W single output baseplate cooled ac-dc power supplies designed specifically for use in sealed boxes and harsh environments where wide temperature variations are common place. The conduction...

Accession : Estonia becomes the OECD’s 34th member

December 9, 2010 2:22 am | by OECD | News | Comments

On 9 December 2010, Estonia deposited its instrument of accession to the OECD Convention, thereby becoming a member of the Organisation. Estonia was invited by OECD countries to open negotiations for membership in May 2007.

Taxation: reforms to improve economic performance

December 8, 2010 6:23 am | by OECD | News | Comments

Many governments are facing historic high levels of deficit and debt. Public spending has risen and they are taking in less money as tax revenues fall - more than 10% in some countries. Governments are attempting to consolidate their budgets, looking for the appropriate balance between...

Education : Korea and Finland top OECD’s latest PISA survey of education performance

December 7, 2010 10:22 am | by OECD | News | Comments

Korea and Finland top the OECD’s latest PISA survey of reading literacy among 15-year olds. Asia-Pacific economies made up six of the leading education systems, thanks to strong performances from Hong Kong-China, Singapore, New Zealand and Japan. Canada was the only other country outside...

Korea and Finland top OECD’s latest PISA survey of education performance

December 7, 2010 3:23 am | by OECD | News | Comments

07/12/2010 - Korea and Finland top the OECD’s latest PISA survey of reading literacy among 15-year olds, which for the first time tested students’ ability to manage digital information.


Middle class in Latin America economically vulnerable, says OECD

December 3, 2010 5:25 am | by OECD | News | Comments

Even though the growing middle class in Latin America is becoming an engine of economic progress, this group remains economically vulnerable when compared with high income OECD countries, according to the OECD Development Centre’s Latin American Economic Outlook 2011. Therefore, Latin...

NXP Unveils 30V MOSFET with Lowest RDSon

December 2, 2010 12:22 pm | by | News | Comments

NXP Semiconductors N.V. unveiled the first MOSFET in the NextPower range with a 30V Power-SO8 MOSFET, featuring what it says is the industry’s lowest RDSon of 1.4mΩ at 4.5V. The new MOSFET, PSMN1R0-30YLC, is...

Environment: Cities central to climate change response

December 1, 2010 2:26 am | by OECD | News | Comments

Cities and metropolitan regional governments should play a more prominent role in defining the wider response to climate change, according to a new report from the OECD.

Statistics : Annual inflation rate up to 1.9% in October 2010

November 30, 2010 1:27 am | by OECD | News | Comments

Consumer prices in the OECD area rose by 1.9% in the year to October 2010, up from 1.7% in September. The uptick was partly driven by strong rises in Japan, where annual inflation was positive for the first time in twenty months, and Canada, where consumer prices rose at their fastest...

Education : OECD to publish results of latest PISA survey on 7 December 2010

November 29, 2010 5:24 am | by OECD | News | Comments

How have 15-year old students performed in the 64 economies that took part in the latest OECD PISA – Programme for International Student Assessment – tests? For the first time, this edition of PISA will show how student performance in each country has evolved over time by comparing the...

Health: Improving health care efficiency key to curbing spiraling costs

November 28, 2010 11:23 pm | by OECD | News | Comments

In Health Care Systems: Efficiency and Policy Settings, the OECD warns that cash-strapped governments no longer have the option of boosting spending to improve health outcomes, as they have done over the past several decades.

Slovakia : Recovery progressing, but further reforms needed

November 25, 2010 4:25 am | by OECD | News | Comments

The Slovak economy is swiftly recovering from the crisis. This Survey discusses the main challenges going forward, countering the risk of increasing long term unemployment, bringing government finances back on a sustainable path and reaping the benefits of a transition to greener growth.

Sickness and Disability Benefits: Jobs crisis makes need for reform more urgent, says OECD

November 24, 2010 3:23 am | by OECD | News | Comments

Governments should urgently reform their sickness and disability benefit systems to help people get back to work and reduce the burden on public finances, according to a new OECD report.

Event : Making Reform Happen 25-27 November 2010

November 23, 2010 1:24 am | by OECD | News | Comments

Governments must reform labour markets, pensions, healthcare, and taxes to help their economies recover from the financial crisis. Angel Gurria, Secretary-General of the OECD, will open a plenary session of Making Reform Happen at 10:00am on Friday 26 November. He will be joined by José...

austriamicrosystems Announces New Ultra Low Quiescent Current Step-Up DC-DC Converter

November 22, 2010 12:22 pm | by | News | Comments

austriamicrosystems has introduced the AS1310, an ultra low quiescent current hysteretic step-up dc-dc converter optimized for light loads (60mA) and the highest efficiency – up to 92%. With 1µ=µA the AS1310 step-up converter also...

Economy: Growth picking up steam but recovery uneven, says OECD Economic Outlook

November 18, 2010 12:26 am | by OECD | News | Comments

Economic activity in OECD countries will gradually pick up steam over the coming two years, but the recovery will be uneven and unemployment will remain persistently high, according to the OECD’s latest Economic Outlook.Webcast: Watch the presentation of the Economic Outlook

Japan: improve the environment to boost economic growth, says OECD

November 15, 2010 10:26 pm | by OECD | News | Comments

Japan should do more to fight climate change and protect biodiversity, according to a new OECD review of its environment. Tackling these two problems would improve the environment and help boost long-term growth.

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