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Columbia engineers patch a heart

May 6, 2011 2:34 pm | by EurekAlert | News | Comments

(Columbia University) Researchers at Columbia Engineering have established a new method to patch a damaged heart using a tissue-engineering platform that enables heart tissue to repair itself. This breakthrough, recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, is...

Altair Nanotechnologies Reports First Quarter 2011 Financial Results

May 6, 2011 12:22 pm | by | News | Comments

Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. reported financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2011. For the first quarter of 2011, Altairnano reported a 114 percent increase in revenues to $2.6 million, up $1.4 million...

SynQor Reaches Agreement with Fujitsu in Bus Converter Litigation

May 6, 2011 12:22 pm | by | News | Comments

SynQor, Inc. announced that it has reached a partial settlement and license agreement with Fujitsu Limited and its wholly-owned subsidiary Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc.. In December, 2010, SynQor prevailed before a jury in the Eastern...


STMicroelectronics offers the world?s smallest and most accurate location-placing solution

May 6, 2011 9:35 am | by Medical Design Technology | News | Comments

Ten-Degrees-of-Freedom sensor set gives precise directions from any place on Earth.

Echo Therapeutics moves to Philadelphia

May 6, 2011 7:29 am | by Medical Design Technology | News | Comments

Echo Therapeutics Inc. is no longer a Massachusetts-based company, officials announced in a release Thursday. The medical technology company has relocated from Franklin to Philadelphia just a few months after Echo landed its most recent funding of $5.5 million.

Webcam tech offers sneakpeek into the heart

May 6, 2011 7:29 am | by Medical Design Technology | News | Comments

Researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital have found that a basic technology found in webcams may have the potential to help out on the medical front, allowing drug makers and physicians to take a closer look at the development of the common drug side effect cardiotoxicity.

Texas A & M Engineering honors faculty for excellence in teaching, research and service

May 6, 2011 7:26 am | by Texas A&M University | News | Comments

Texas A&M Engineering recognized more than 40 faculty members with awards for teaching, research and service at an awards banquet May 4. Before the awards were announced, four administrators in the Dwight Look College of Engineering who are stepping down were honored for...

Security and the embedded system

May 6, 2011 6:43 am | Articles | Comments

In February, when Kevin Butler, the marketing facade of Sony, retweeted, “@TheKevinButler Lemme guess... you sank my Battleship? RT @exiva: 46 DC … C2 Come at me, @TheKevinButler,” Sony unwittingly published its PlayStation 3 master signing key for the world to see and use.


CDL MiniSense2 sales following Ocean Business

May 6, 2011 3:22 am | by Medical Design Technology | News | Comments

CDL sees an interest generated in the MiniSense2 system launched at this year?s Ocean Business conference in Southampton, UK, which has already translated into system sales.

Advanced Battery Begins Construction of Third Battery Production Facility

May 5, 2011 1:20 pm | by | News | Comments

Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc. (ABAT) announced that it has completed the transfer of assets relating to the purchased land and plant in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province and has now entered a phase of construction...

Digi-Key and Orion Fans Sign Global Distribution Agreement

May 5, 2011 1:20 pm | by | News | Comments

Digi-Key Corp. announced that it has signed a global distribution agreement with Orion Fans. Orion Fans’ products will be available on Digi-Key’s portfolio of global websites. Orion Fans’ entire thermal management portfolio, including AC fans,...

Nextreme and APEI Developing Thermal Energy Harvester for Turbine Health Sensor System

May 5, 2011 1:20 pm | by | News | Comments

Nextreme Thermal Solutions and Arkansas Power Electronics International, Inc. (APEI) are jointly developing a thermal energy harvesting solution for a wireless sensor system designed to monitor the health of bearings in turbine engines....

Palladium Energy’s Powerful Future

May 5, 2011 1:02 pm | by Arthur W. Salyer, Palladium Energy ( | Blogs | Comments

Throughout my experiences, I have developed a passion for really cool electronic gadgets and the power inside that keeps the world in touch and up to date.  


Enabling ZigBee’s Smart Energy 2.0 with Advanced Wireless Modules

May 5, 2011 11:05 am | by Dennis McCain, Director of Marketing for Murata Wireless Solutions | Articles | Comments

Smart Meters, a key part of the modernization of the electric grid system coined “Smart Grid”, are now smarter with the deployment of the ZigBee Alliance’s Smart Energy (SE) version 2.0 application profile. Nearly all Smart Meters are mandated...

NIH Awards $5 Million for Development of Hemorrhagic Fever Vaccines

May 5, 2011 9:25 am | by Georgia Institute of Technology | News | Comments

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded nearly $5.4 million to a collaborative team of scientists at Emory University, Georgia Institute of Technology and Texas Biomedical Research Institute to develop vaccines for prevention of deadly hemorrhagic fevers.

Get a whiff of this: Low-cost sensor can diagnose bacterial infections

May 5, 2011 8:28 am | by Medical Design Technology | News | Comments

Bacterial infections really stink. And that could be the key to a fast diagnosis.

Wire Stripper’s Twin Blades Make Stripping Fast And Easy

May 5, 2011 8:28 am | by Medical Design Technology | News | Comments

Designed for production, Eraser's Model C200 Twin Blade Rotary Wire Stripper and Twister can process insulations such as Teflon, P.T.F.E., PVC, nylon, rubber, KEL-F, and more...

Customized Camera Software Advances Real-Time, Retinal Imaging Research

May 5, 2011 8:28 am | by Medical Design Technology | News | Comments

Toshiba Imaging Systems Division announces a customized software interface for Toshiba’s IK-TF7 3-chip color cameras that enhances fluorescence imaging in living retinal tissue.

SP3T Switches Handle High Power

May 5, 2011 6:34 am | Product Releases | Comments

The Aeroflex MSW3200-320 and MSW3201-320 SP3Ts cover frequencies of 10 MHz to 1500 MHz and 200 MHz to 4500MHz respectively. Both switches handle up to

FPGA Family Includes 4 x 3.125 Gbps SRIO

May 5, 2011 6:29 am | Product Releases | Comments

Lattice Semiconductor announced the availability of a 4 x 3.125 Gbps version of the Serial RapidIO 2.1, Level 1 endpoint core using the LatticeECP3 FPGA family. This is an extension of the previously announced SRIO v2.1 core that

4-20 mA Current Loop Lightning and Surge Protectors Prevent Device Repairs

May 5, 2011 6:21 am | Product Releases | Comments

L-com, Inc. carries a complete line of 4-20 mA current loop lightning and surge protectors. The new protectors can minimize risks to expensive sensors and process controllers by lightning strikes or power surges. All of the

IPG sales increase 95% in Q1

May 5, 2011 5:23 am | by Medical Design Technology | News | Comments

IPG Photonics, a producer of fiber lasers and amplifiers, announced a 95 percent increase in sales in the first quarter of 2011, as compared to a year ago.

LASER World of PHOTONICS 2011 presents an extensive schedule of events

May 5, 2011 5:05 am | News | Comments

LASER World of PHOTONICS 2011 has lined up an impressive roster of events and opportunities for technical exchange. These events include practical talks presented during the World of Photonics Congress, the CEO Round Table...

EMD Serono pays out $44M to settle false claims suit

May 4, 2011 1:26 pm | by Medical Design Technology | News | Comments

EMD Serono Inc., an affiliate of Merk KGaA of Germany, has paid $44.3 million and changed its Corporate Integrity Agreement as part of a civil lawsuit settlement related to allegations that the company paid health-care providers to promote its multiple sclerosis drug Rebif.

Advanced Energy Announces Solid First Quarter Results

May 4, 2011 12:20 pm | by | News | Comments

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. announced financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2011. The company posted first quarter sales of $137.7 million, operating income of 17.7%, and earnings of $0.43 per diluted...

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