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High-Temperature Semiconductor Solutions

September 22, 2011 12:03 pm | by Mont Taylor, Texas Instrumetns, | Articles | Comments

Although there is still an abundance of oil and gas, the future requires continued technological improvement to access deposits that are found ever deeper underground. As these wells become deeper they also become extremely hot, and using high-reliability, high-temperature electronics for down hole drilling equipment is necessary.

Goodbye Upconverters?

September 22, 2011 6:40 am | by A. Glascott-Jones, F. Bore, J.P. Amblard, N. Chantier; e2v Grenoble | Articles | Comments

Advanced high bandwidth, high data rate Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) are revolutionizing the way that microwave communication systems are designed. The ability to be able to perform direct microwave synthesis right up to C band brings higher flexibility...

Simplifying Total Energy Management

September 16, 2011 5:25 am | by Alan Elbanhawy, Akros Silicon | Articles | Comments

In past years, energy management in electronics equipment has moved from being a “check-box” requirement to a real competitive feature and differentiator. Traditional DC-DC point solutions that optimize single parameter via fine tuning of components are just not sufficient...


Speed Demons

September 14, 2011 11:54 am | Articles | Comments

Technology today doesn’t gradually evolve, it develops in leaps and bounds, and the processes that are necessary to bring that technology to market have advanced just as quickly. Unfortunately, sometimes speed can be our industry’s downfall -- when companies are caught in a bind; when parts are hard to come by, whether they have

Know Your Choices for Mounting Heat Sinks to Hot Components

September 1, 2011 2:02 pm | by Dr. Kaveh Azar, Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., Edited by Chris Warner | Articles | Comments

Because of the performance demands on ICs, the use of cooling heat sinks on top of ASICs, CPUs and other processors is a standard industry practice. As the available real estate on PCBs has become sparse, physically attaching heat sinks to such devices has become a challenge for most applications, specifically for high-density boards. Thus, an engineer starting the process of thermal management must

Energy Harvesting: Minimizing the Total System Current

August 23, 2011 5:57 am | by John Monteith, Transducers Direct / ACAM, | Articles | Comments

Today we hear a lot of talk about energy harvesting and alternative power sources. To make effective use of these energy sources, everything in the entire system must make efficient use of power.

Power Factor Correction Techniques in LED Lighting

August 16, 2011 1:17 pm | Product Releases | Comments

High power LED based light fixtures are replacing fluorescent and HID light sources in many general lighting applications. Since LED lighting represents a green technology, the issue of power factor is very important. Power factor is defined as

Enclosures: The heart of speedy telecommunications products and services

August 16, 2011 9:58 am | by Ken Tumblison, President of Buckeye Shapeform | Articles | Comments

Speed. There is nothing of greater consequence in human communication than speed. Although we have come a long way since the pony express, the need for speed in the telecommunications industry is greater now than ever.


Application Understanding Impacts Cost of Interconnect Solutions

August 15, 2011 1:08 pm | by Michael Giesler, Application Specialist, 3M | Articles | Comments

Every day, consumers embrace multiple levels of interconnecting in our activities without thinking about it. Whether it is waking up to an alarm clock, turning on the lights, placing a call on your cell phone, operating your automobile, accessing data on your computer from the cloud...

Optimize Color Management Capabilities in LED Lighting Fixtures

August 10, 2011 1:21 pm | by Irene Signorino, Microsemi Corporation, | Articles | Comments

Improved cost of ownership and improved light quality can only be enabled if optimized drivers are used. These drivers take into consideration the unique characteristics of the LED semiconductor (i.e. color shift over temperature and age, life expectancy over temperature etc) and enable

CPV + WDG = Successful Model for Utility-Scale Solar Energy Deployments

August 10, 2011 6:03 am | by Guy Blanchard, Amonix | Articles | Comments

Solar technology and energy market dynamics have intersected to create the perfect conditions for a new, deployment-friendly model for generating and distributing energy – the wholesale distributed generation (WDG) model.

How to make early thermal assessments and decisions using a simple resistor network

August 9, 2011 7:27 am | by Matt Romig, Analog Packaging Productization Manager, Texas Instruments | Articles | Comments

Managing heat dissipation is one of the biggest challenges when designing electronic components and systems today. You can run simulations and measure full systems with high accuracy, but that can be time-consuming and costly.

Making the Leap of Faith: Migration to Micro-Packaging

August 8, 2011 6:54 am | by Todd Visconti, Product Manager & Edwin Romero, Application & Marketing Engineer, ON Semiconductor | Articles | Comments

Schottky diodes can play several important roles inside battery powered handheld electronics equipment, such as cell phone handsets and portable gaming consoles. They are often incorporated into the DC-DC boost converters used to power the backlights for LCD displays and LED keypads.


Hot Topic: Prevent Thermal Runaway Damage in Power Electronic Systems

August 4, 2011 12:45 pm | by Matt Williams, TE Circuit Protection, | Articles | Comments

There are a number of innovative technologies that have been designed to assist in protecting the application and end-user from catastrophic thermal events...

Mobile Measurement Technologies Support High-Voltage Onboard EHV Testing

August 1, 2011 12:53 pm | by Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Harry Störzer, IPETRONIK GmbH & Co.KG, | Articles | Comments

To ensure optimal EHV performance, numerous tests must be conducted during the new vehicle development process. Suitable mobile vehicle data acquisition systems are vital for ensuring system competency, functionality and efficiency.

LED Lighting Trends

July 28, 2011 8:31 am | by Douglas A. Toth, PE, Wurth Electronics Midcom | Blogs | Comments

Any new innovation experiences obstacles. In LED lighting, one problem is the issue of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), or unwanted noise signals.

RoHS Recast Guidance: Providing Coherent Advice to Design Engineers

July 20, 2011 10:58 am | by Gary Nevison, Head of Legislation and Compliance, element14, | Articles | Comments

When RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) was enacted in 2006, there was a critical need for engineers (and the industry as a whole) to have one dependable source to help understand and navigate the complexities of global environmental legislation.

Distribution and the Design Engineer: Delivering the “How”

July 20, 2011 10:46 am | by Ron Moore, Avnet Electronics Marketing, Americas | Articles | Comments

The distribution channel has been engaged with the design community for more than 30 years. In that timeframe, innovation and advances continue to make a lasting and profound impact on how design engineers accomplish their goals.

RF Energy Harvesting Perpetually Powers Wireless Sensors

July 18, 2011 1:18 pm | by Harry Ostaffe, Powercast Corporation, | Articles | Comments

While the power from RF energy is typically very low, RF energy is unique among energy-harvesting options because it can either be harvested from ambient energy or intentionally broadcasted to provide more reliable power-over-distance using very little energy from the electric grid.

Trends in Smart Grid and Alternate Energy

July 13, 2011 12:59 pm | by Nagarajan Sridhar, Texas Instruments, | Articles | Comments

With global prosperity on the rise, the demand for energy is increasing and is approximately expected to double by 2030. In parallel, there is a concern of energy supply issues on the long run. This has resulted in an increasing activity and proliferation of employing sustainable/alternate energy sources and improved energy transmission methods over the last decade from all fronts

Air Power: New Device Captures Ambient Electromagnetic Energy to Drive Small Electronic Devices

July 12, 2011 5:29 am | News | Comments

Researchers have discovered a way to capture and harness energy transmitted by such sources as radio and television transmitters, cell phone networks and satellite communications systems.

PCI Express Claims Another Market Segment: Wireless LANs

June 30, 2011 11:39 am | by Krishna Mallampati, PLX Technology | Articles | Comments

PCI Express (PCIe) has become wildly successful throughout virtually all market segments – from servers, storage, and graphics to embedded systems, communications, and consumer products.

Wireless LAN: The Missing Piece for Building Automation

June 30, 2011 11:07 am | by Cory Vanderpool, Business Development Director for North America, EnOcean Aliance | Articles | Comments

Building automation uses a control system to monitor and command the mechanical, lighting, security control, or fire alarm systems in a commercial building. The intelligent network functions to keep building temperature within a specified range...

Picochip and InterDigital Demonstrate Converged Gateway With Integrated 3G Femtocell and Wi-Fi at Femtocells World Summit 2011

June 27, 2011 7:28 am | News | Comments

Picochip and InterDigital are collaborating on delivering advanced broadband traffic management solutions across cellular femtocells with embedded Wi-Fi access.

LPRS Wireless Modules Used to Protect Art and Museum Collections from Environmental Damage

June 23, 2011 6:24 am | News | Comments

LPRS has established itself as a major supplier of wireless modules used in environmental monitoring systems manufactured by Meaco Measurement and Control.

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