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ARM Workbench provides windows management and source code editing tools

Thu, 03/18/2010 - 10:40am
The ARM Workbench is built on the standard Eclipse development environment providing outstanding windows management, project management, and C/C++ source code editing tools.

Users can use DS-5 as a stand-alone Eclipse installation or as plug-ins to an existing Eclipse environment.

Source Code Editing
The Eclipse IDE's fully featured C/C++ source editor will help you spend more time writing code and less time chasing down syntax errors.

• Outline view which lists functions, variables, and declarations
• Highlights syntax errors in your C/C++ source code
• Configurable syntax colorization and code formatting for C/C++ and ARM/Thumb/Thumb2 assembly
• Full change history which can integrated with popular source code control systems, including CVS and SVN
• Graphical configuration of parameters in the source code via menus and pull-down lists 

File Transfer to Target
DS-5 includes a Remote System Explorer (RSE) perspective for easy transfer of applications and libraries to the Linux file system on the target.

• FTP connection to the target to explore its file system, create new folders, and drag & drop files from the host machine
• Open files on the target's file system by double-clicking on them in the FTP view. Edit them within Eclipse and save them directly to the target's file system
• Shell and terminal windows enable running Linux commands on the target system without a monitor and keyboard
• Display a list of processes running on the target

Window Management
The flexible window management system in Eclipse enables the optimal utilization of your visual workspace.

• Support for multiple source code and debugger views
• Arrange your windows as you wish: floating (detached), docked, tabbed, or minimized into the Fast View bar
• Support of multi-screen set-ups by draging and dropping detached windows to additional monitors



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