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DC/AC Inverter Provides Uninterruptible AC Power

Mon, 12/10/2007 - 6:48am

DC to AC InverterWilmore’s low-profile 1000 VA DC/AC inverters are available with optional built-in automatic load switchover features, enabling them to operate in UPS or standby-power modes in conjunction with another AC source (commercial AC power or a second inverter, for example). Model 1725 inverters occupy 1.75” (1U) of vertical space in 19” or 23” equipment racks with or without the optional switchover features. Available in 24V, 48V and 130V DC input versions, these inverters are designed for telecommunications, SCADA and security applications where a stable and reliable source of AC power needs to be derived from a DC power (battery) system. The efficient (approximately 90 percent) Model 1725 inverters provide an isolated, regulated 120V AC, frequency-stable 60 Hz, quasi-sine-wave output appropriate for powering a variety of loads from sensitive electronic equipment to small motors and other nonlinear loads. Prices are $839.00 each for the plain-inverter versions and $937.00 each for automatic switchover versions.

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