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MicroTCA ATR Chassis Supports Mobile Applications

February 4, 2009 6:00 am | Comments

Compatible with water and water-glycol fluids up to 150 psi, Hybricon’s new 3/4 Tall Long Liquid Cooled MicroTCA ATR is designed to support applications for rugged environments in airborne and ground mobile technology. The architecture holds an 11-slot MicroTCA backplane and a military power supply for MIL-STD-704F aircraft and MIL-STD-1275 vehicle use. The enclosure allows deployment of 0°C-to-55°C temperature range payload

Dual-Core SoC Has Onboard Image Recognition

February 4, 2009 5:13 am | Renesas | Comments

Integrating two SH-4A 32-bit CPU cores on a single chip, the SH7776 (SH-Navi3) system-on-chip (SoC) from Renesas also incorporates on-chip graphics functions and image-recognition processing as well as a 2-D and 3-D graphics processor for improved map rendering and operation screens. Suitable for applications such as next-generation high-performance car information terminals, the device performs at 1,920 MIPS at 533 MHz and can execute multiple external environment recognition programs

Super Flux LEDs Target Automotive PCBs

February 4, 2009 4:52 am | Comments

Replacing the MAKO product family, Bivar’s ORCA Series super flux LEDs are designed for use on standard printed circuit boards (PCBs) for the automotive industry. The 7.6-mm² devices offer dome, oval, and flat lens geometries to provide viewing angles of 30°, 45°, 80°, and 160°. The components shine in red, green, blue, yellow, and


Current-to-Digital Converter Enables Image Capturing in CT Systems

February 4, 2009 4:36 am | Analog Devices, Inc. | Comments

Offering 128 data conversion channels, Analog Devices’ ADAS1128 24-bit current-to-digital converter allows high-slice-count CT systems to capture real-time moving images, such as a beating heart. The 10-mm × 10-mm mini BGA-packaged unit exhibits sample rates of up to 20 ksps (50-µs integration time), simultaneous sampling, noise down to 0.4 fC, and power dissipation of 4.5 mW/channel at full speed. All converted

Enclosure Serves Military Airborne Applications

February 3, 2009 12:08 pm | Comments

Measuring 19” H × 25” D × 17” W and weighing 56 lbs, One Stop Systems’ OSS-ENCL-11U-1866 11U ruggedized system enclosure targets military and airborne applications. The solid seam-welded aluminum unit contains a 3U 15-slot

Diffuse Mode Sensors Evaluate Welding Caps

February 3, 2009 6:16 am | Comments

Detecting faults including inclusion, faulty dressing, or burrs, Pepperl+Fuchs’ WTS10 diffuse mode sensors provide non-contact evaluation of the quality of welding cap fronts. The devices check upper and lower welding caps simultaneously and present pre-fault (near the limit) indication for proactive maintenance. The units offer a scratch-resistant mineral glass lens, position tolerance of ±2 mm, tilt angle tolerance of ±1.5°, coaxial optics with

LED Drivers Supply High Output Current

February 3, 2009 5:54 am | Comments

Boasting output current accuracy of up to ±2%, Aimtec's AMLD-IZ and AMLDL-Z Series step-down DC/DC LED drivers (SSLDs) offer standard output currents of 300 mA, 350 mA, 500 mA, 600 mA, and 700 mA. The DIP24- or DIP14-packaged units present input ranges from 5 VDC to 36 VDC and 7 VDC to 30 VDC, a remote

Brushless Motor Includes Integral Controller

February 3, 2009 5:31 am | Comments

Designed with an integral controller, the Motomate Brushless Motor from Crouzet is intended for applications where programmable movement of simple mechanisms is required. The brushless motor features efficiency of 90%, and motor range of 30 W or 80 W. Motomate produces up to 0.3 N.m in the direct drive configuration


VCXOs Function over Wide Frequency Range

February 3, 2009 5:28 am | Comments

Adding to the XpressO oscillator series, Fox Electronics’ FVXO-PC72 2.5-V LVPECL VCXOs perform in a frequency range from 0.7500 MHz to 1 GHz. The 7-mm × 5-mm components employ a family of proprietary application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), as well as a third order Delta Sigma Modulator (DSM). The devices offer

PMC Card Offloads Host Processing Tasks

February 3, 2009 5:22 am | Comments

The SPMC/DPMC-214 rugged PMC card from Curtiss-Wright offloads host processor cards from CANbus, MilCAN, and Utility Bus processing tasks. Available in both air- and conduction-cooled versions, the PMC card provides 4 CANBus ports or 4 MilCAN ports, along with the US Army standard Utility Bus

WiMedia-Based Multiband Validation Software is Most Automated

February 3, 2009 5:02 am | Keysight Technologies | Comments

Able to work with Infiniium Series oscilloscopes, Agilent’s WiMedia-based multiband orthogonal frequency domain modulation ultra-wideband validation software can make measurements with via connection to the SMA input or by attaching the receiver antenna directly to the input of the oscilloscope for radiated testing.

Microwave Transistors Serve Telecom Applications

February 3, 2009 4:57 am | Comments

Coming in industry-standard ceramic-metal packages, Cree's CGH21120F and CGH25120F GaN HEMT microwave transistors perform in telecommunication applications, such as W-CDMA, LTE and WiMAX. The components consist of single, input-pre-matched GaN HEMT devices providing >120 W. The CGH21120F is designed for

Universal Control Module Uses Resistive Touchscreen

February 3, 2009 4:16 am | Comments

Designed for the food service industry, Renau Electronic Laboratories’ UCM-1000 universal control module utilizes a 4.3” WQVGA TFT color resistive touchscreen. The 5.25” W × 3.45” H × 0.90” D unit connects to Renau’s Hybrid Micro Control Series process controllers via Renau’s Single Wire Communication Network. The touchscreen


Equaliser/Driver/Retimer IC Addresses 10G SFP+ System Design

February 3, 2009 4:01 am | Comments

Suitable for ‘direct attach’ passive twin-ax copper cables and 10GBASE-SR optical modules, Phyworks’ PHY1066 equaliser, driver, and retimer IC enables host board designers to create 10-Gbps Ethernet SFP+ receive and transmit interfaces. The flip-chip, 36-pin, BGA-packaged component dissipates 0.68 W and drives up to 15 m of ‘direct attach’ passive SFP+ copper cable. The device’s hardware algorithms are said to

Amp Family Maintains 1.14 mA/channel Quiescent Current

February 2, 2009 9:54 am | Comments

Intended for applications such as pressure and flow meters, seismic equipment, and electrocardiogram machines, the THS differential amplifier family from Texas Instruments has a quiescent current of 1.14 mA/channel. With a power-down current of 20 µA, the devices have a 145-MHz and 490-V/µs slew rate to buffer and amplify signals. Other features include


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