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Gearmotors Exhibit High Continuous Torque Rating

February 5, 2009 7:54 am | Comments

Demonstrating corresponding fixed output speeds from 120 to 6 rpm, Bison Gear & Engineering’s VWDIR20 parallel shaft AC gearmotors demonstrate a continuous torque rating from 100 in./lb to 600 in./lb (11.3 N/m to 68.8 N/m). The devices utilize ¼-hp (186-W) 115-V, 60-Hz split-phase electric motors, and act as Von Weise

LED Driver Supports Green Lighting Designs

February 5, 2009 7:14 am | Comments

Suiting boost, buck-boost, SEPIC, and high-side buck topologies, Maxim Integrated Products’ MAX16834 current-mode LED driver (SSLD) operates in solid-state lighting (SSL) designs, such as MR16 spotlights, for LED automotive exterior lighting, LCD backlighting, and architectural lighting. The 4-mm × 4-mm, 20-pin

Digital RTD Thermometers Boast High Accuracy

February 5, 2009 5:36 am | Comments

Operating over a temperature range from -328°F to 1,472°F (-200°C to 800°C), Wahl Instruments’ DST500 temperature indicator, and DSX500 transmitter thermometers present total system accuracy of ±0.3°F (±0.2°C) over a 1-year period. The devices offer a 1"-high LCD display and standard and custom-built probe configurations, including MIG standard tapered bulb for drop-in direct MIG replacement. The "Unique


Demodulator Accommodates High Data Rates

February 5, 2009 5:17 am | Comments

Targeting the space communications market, Escape Communications’ EGM-2 multi-Gigabit demodulator supports arbitrary data rates between 1 Mbps and 3 Gbps. The device uses a multi-mode, multi-rate architecture to enable programmable symbol rates from

High-Torque Actuators Withstand High Axial Loads

February 5, 2009 5:09 am | Comments

Delivering up to 484 in-lbs of torque at 100 psi, VRX rotary vane actuators from Tolomatic can withstand high axial loads of up to 23 lbs. The pneumatically-operated devices come in bore sizes of 1”, 1.75”, and 2.5”. Each model is available in single-vane models that rotate to 280° and produce up to 242 in/lbs of torque or double-vane models that rotate to 100° with up to 484 in/lbs of torque.

Switching Power Supplies Serve Industrial/Medical Applications

February 5, 2009 4:35 am | Comments

Delivering 450 W with active PFC, Astrodyne’s PMK450 and PMMK450 Series switching AC/DC power supplies are designed to perform in I.T.E systems, pumps, motors, and instrumentation applications, as well as medically-approved AC/DC power supply applications (PMMK450). The UL/EN 60950-approved


Signal Analyzer Includes Temperature and Voltage Input Channels

February 4, 2009 12:18 pm | Comments

The USB-based 655u, a Dynamic Signal Analyzer from IOtech, offers both temperature and voltage input channels. The Analyzer features five temperature inputs, along with ten voltage or direct integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) input channels. Other features include

Z-Foil Resistors Achieve Thermal Stabilization in <1 Second

February 4, 2009 11:56 am | Comments

The SMR1DZ and SMR3DZ Z-Foil molded surface-mount resistors from Vishay include thermal stabilization time of less than one second. The devices provide a low typical TCR of ±0.05 ppm/°C from 0°C to 60°C, 25°C Ref, and ±0.2 ppm/°C from -55°C to 125°C, 25°C Ref., tolerances to ±0.01%, load-life stability of 0.005%


Crimp Connectors Provide Secure Positive Locking

February 4, 2009 11:53 am | Comments

Providing stable contact performance under unexpected external forces, the PUD Series of disconnectable 2.0-mm pitch, double-row crimp-style connectors from JST have a leaf-spring structure and offer secure positive locking.

Compact Converters Exhibit High Isolation

February 4, 2009 9:01 am | Comments

Targeting board-level power applications, the A500RHI family of 5-W single- and dual-output DC?DC converters from MicroPower Direct includes feathers such as an I/O isolation of 5,600 VDC, an operating efficiency to 80%, and a leakage current of 2 µA max. Twelve models operate from wide 2:1 inputs of 9 to 18, 18 to 36, and 36 to 75 VDC, providing outputs of 5, 12, ±12, or ±15 VDC.

Frameless Motors Integrate Rotor Ring to Outside Hub

February 4, 2009 6:44 am | Comments

Presenting a rotor external to the stator, Applimotion’s ULT-O frameless motors enable the integration of the rotor ring into an outside rotating hub. The devices are optimized to run at low speeds in position applications or at high speeds for scanning systems, according to the company. The instruments operate from traditional

POL Converters Deliver 20 Amps

February 4, 2009 6:22 am | Comments

Accepting an input from 2.40 V to 5.50 V or 4.50 V to 14 V, respectively, Lineage Power’s APTH020A0X3-SRZ and APTS020A0X3-SRZ TLynx open-frame DC/DC converters units provide up to 20 A of output current in a regulated output voltage range from 0.60 VDC to 5.50 VDC. Delivering an output from 0.60 VDC to

MicroTCA ATR Chassis Supports Mobile Applications

February 4, 2009 6:00 am | Comments

Compatible with water and water-glycol fluids up to 150 psi, Hybricon’s new 3/4 Tall Long Liquid Cooled MicroTCA ATR is designed to support applications for rugged environments in airborne and ground mobile technology. The architecture holds an 11-slot MicroTCA backplane and a military power supply for MIL-STD-704F aircraft and MIL-STD-1275 vehicle use. The enclosure allows deployment of 0°C-to-55°C temperature range payload


Dual-Core SoC Has Onboard Image Recognition

February 4, 2009 5:13 am | Renesas | Comments

Integrating two SH-4A 32-bit CPU cores on a single chip, the SH7776 (SH-Navi3) system-on-chip (SoC) from Renesas also incorporates on-chip graphics functions and image-recognition processing as well as a 2-D and 3-D graphics processor for improved map rendering and operation screens. Suitable for applications such as next-generation high-performance car information terminals, the device performs at 1,920 MIPS at 533 MHz and can execute multiple external environment recognition programs

Super Flux LEDs Target Automotive PCBs

February 4, 2009 4:52 am | Comments

Replacing the MAKO product family, Bivar’s ORCA Series super flux LEDs are designed for use on standard printed circuit boards (PCBs) for the automotive industry. The 7.6-mm² devices offer dome, oval, and flat lens geometries to provide viewing angles of 30°, 45°, 80°, and 160°. The components shine in red, green, blue, yellow, and


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