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Accelerometers designed to measure both vibration and acceleration

Tue, 08/19/2014 - 4:11pm

Silicon Designs, Inc., (Kirkland, WA) announced the global market introduction of the Model 1410. Model 1410 is a family of digital pulse density output MEMS variable capacitive (VC) accelerometers, designed to reliably measure both vibration and acceleration, with very low power consumption and high long-term bias stability (1000 PPM typical). This makes them ideal for use within low current applications consuming only 2 mA with 5 volts excitation. Other features include:

• Clock frequency between 100 KHz and 1.0 MHz and a pulse density output relative to acceleration.
• Availability in seven unique standard ranges, from ±2g to ±200g.
• Sensitivities from 0.625 kHz/g (200 g range) to 62.5 kHz/g (2 g range).
• Frequency response from 0 to 400 Hz (±2 g) up to 0 to 2000 Hz (±200 g). 

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