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TVS diode arrays offer 60 percent lower clamping voltages than alternative technologies

Mon, 07/21/2014 - 2:40pm

Littelfuse, Inc. (Chicago, IL) has introduced the SPHV (unidirectional) and SPHV-C (bidirectional) Series 200W Discrete TVS Diode Arrays (SPA Diodes) that are designed to protect sensitive equipment from damage due to electrostatic discharge (ESD) and other overvoltage transients far better than earlier technologies. The SPHV and SPHV-C Series can safely absorb repetitive ESD strikes above the maximum level of the IEC61000-4-2 international standard without performance degradation and can safely dissipate up to 8A of induced surge current with very low clamping voltages. Other features include:

· ESD protection up to ±30kV (contact discharge) and surge protection up to 8A (tP=8/20µs).
· Low dynamic resistance, providing up to 60 percent lower clamping voltages than alternative technologies.
· Made with silicon diodes capable of handling multiple (>1000) ESD strikes or surge transients without performance degradation.

For more information on the SPHV and SPHV-C Series TVS Diode Arrays, visit


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