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Non-magnetic SMA connectors tested to within the sensitivity of the handheld fluxgate magnetometer

Fri, 05/16/2014 - 8:52am

Coaxial Components Corp. (Stuart, FL) recently introduced a truly non-magnetic SMA connector series in response to the growing medical equipment industry. In the past, ferromagnetic steel connectors left trace quantities of magnetic material present in the strike layers or as material impurities, causing magnetic fields of 1 milligauss or more. This level of magnetism was sufficient to impair the functioning of highly sensitive equipment. Features include:

• A beryllium copper body and Tri-M3plating, producing no detectable change in magnetic field testing from a prestigious Ivy League University.
• Testing to within the sensitivity of the handheld fluxgate magnetometer, 0.001 milligauss, compared to fields of 10 milligauss or more for off-the-shelf components.

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