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Nanopower anisotropic magnetoresistive sensor ICs are presented as industry’s first

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 11:14am


magnetoresistive sensor ICsHoneywell (Minneapolis, MN) introduced what it asserts are the industry’s first Nanopower Anisotropic Magnetoresistive Sensor ICs. They are said to provide the highest level of magnetic sensitivity (as low as 7 Gauss typical) while requiring nanopower (360 nA).  These Sensor ICs rival reed switches in battery powered applications with very low power requirements and large air gap needs. Their high sensitivity can allow the ability to sense air gaps two times the distance of Hall-effect sensors, according to the company.  The higher sensitivity improves design flexibility and can offer significant application cost savings by utilizing smaller or lower strength magnets. Omnipolarity allows the sensor to be activated by either a north or south pole, eliminating the need for the magnet polarity to be identified, simplifying installation and potentially reducing system cost. The Nanopower Series is available in two magnetic sensitivities:

  • Ultra-high sensitivity SM351LT:  7 Gauss typical operate, 11 Gauss maximum operate, very low current draw (360 nA typical)
  • Very high sensitivity SM353LT:  14 Gauss typical operate, 20 Gauss maximum operate, very low current draw (310 nA typical)

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