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Isolated LED driver ICs deliver up to 12 W output, desirable accuracy

Tue, 05/20/2014 - 11:49am


LED driverPower Integrations announced its LYTSwitch-2 family of isolated LED drivers. The new IC family, which delivers up to 12 W of accurately controlled output power, substantially reduces component count, resulting in simpler, smaller, more reliable LED lighting designs, according to the company. These LED-driver ICs use primary-side control, resulting in cost-effective, single-sided PCBs with low component counts. In addition, driver isolation allows the LEDs to be affixed directly to a metal heat sink, avoiding the added expense of an electrically isolating enclosure that is often required for non-isolated drivers. Accurate constant-current (CC) output tolerance across temperature (better than +/-5 percent at both low-line and high-line voltages) reduces the need to over-design systems in order to meet requirements such as the U.S. ENERGY STAR minimum-lumens-delivered specification. Designs using LYTSwitch-2 ICs are also highly efficient – up to 90 percent in typical applications. LYTSwitch-2 ICs:

  • Protect the LED load from surges in line voltage.
  • Increase bulb lifetime in regions where the mains voltage is subject to frequent peaks.
  • Maintain a constant voltage on the output of the driver during no-load operation.

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