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Micropower 30-µV op amp settles in 15 µS to 0.0015 percent

Wed, 04/09/2014 - 1:28pm


fast settling op ampLinear Technology (Milpitas, CA) introduced the LT6020, a dual 3-V to 30-V fast settling operational amplifier, featuring 30 µV maximum input offset voltage and 0.5 µV/°C max VOS drift. While supply current is only 100 µA maximum per amplifier, proprietary slew enhancement circuitry provides fast clean output step response. The LT6020 settles to 0.0015 percent in less than 15 µs regardless of whether the output step is 5 V or 25 V. Specially designed input circuitry maintains high impedance, minimizing current spikes associated with fast steps for input steps up to 5V. The LT6020-1 includes a shutdown mode, reducing the supply current to less than 3 µA when the amplifier is inactive. The LT6020 is appropriate for:

  • High precision multiplexed data acquisition systems.
  • AC buffer applications.
  • Portable high precision instruments.

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