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Module meets numerous certifications including Bluetooth SIG, FCC, IC, and ETSI

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 10:32am

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking the Anaren A2541 Bluetooth Module, a complete low-power Bluetooth system which comes with a PCB antenna, software stack, and DC/DC converter in a surface‑mount package about the size of a postage stamp. This module is compatible with the new Bluetooth SMART standard, which provides expanded services at reduced power consumption compared to existing Bluetooth technology.

The Anaren A2541 Bluetooth Module available from Mouser Electronics is a low power, high performance module featuring Bluetooth SMART technology and is based on the Texas Instruments CC2541 Bluetooth transceiver chip. The module includes a high performance 8051 microcontroller with 256KBytes in‑system programmable flash memory and 8KBytes of SRAM. The module measures a mere 11x19x2.5mm, including the two crystals.

The A2541 is certified by Bluetooth SIG, FCC (USA) and IC (Canada), and is also compliant with other standards including ETSI (European). These certifications allow developers to incorporate low power Bluetooth functionality into their designs without having to apply for any protocol, RF, or regulatory compliance.

The module is available for order with Texas Instruments' Bluetooth Low Energy SMART Stack (BLE-Stack). Also available is Emmoco's Em-Ware software, which combines TI's BLE‑Stack with Emmoco's serial port debugger driver. Emmoco's software allows the serial port on the A2541 to interface to a PC running Emmoco's Em-Builder software, an Eclipse‑based tool that assists in code development and also allows developers to monitor and debug the Anaren A2541 in system.

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