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PCAP displays enable easy integration with customer designs

Thu, 12/12/2013 - 3:33pm


Microtips Technology is excited to announce their new Scalable PCAP line, RockTouch. Using the best technology in the market from Japanese suppliers and combining with the most experienced chip manufacture in the market from Taiwan, they are positioned to offer a new line of high-quality capacitive touch panels.

The design of Chip on Flex is compatible with all 10 sizes (10.1” -21.5”) while having a comprehensive great line of scalable touch panels; this enables easy, efficient, and secure integrations with customer designs. RockTouch’s Projected Capacitive technology is based on FFG (Flim Flim Glass) with a COF (Chip On Flex) solution. In addition, RockTouch technology specializes in developing and improving the state-of-the-art sensors and Chip on Flex controllers, to implement the best electrical and mechanical solution for any industrial application. RockTouch’s Chip On Flex uses the same mechanical pin out for all sizes of films and cover lenses to enable USB, I2C and UART.



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