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Transceiver module features opto-isolation, auto-direction

Thu, 09/05/2013 - 4:54pm

The XBRS4, a half-duplex RS485/RS422 compatible transceiver introduced by Tech9 Corporation, Mounds View, MN is optimized for applications needing up to 2500 volt isolation. Its Auto-Direction feature reduces the number of optical isolators needed eliminates the need for the normal transmit enable which can be problematic in RS485 networks. Other features include enhanced ESD protection, fail-safe circuitry, slew-rate limiting and full-speed operation. It is packaged as a compact plug-able module that uses the Digi International XBee footprint. This is the first in a series of modules. Another module applicable to all 3V microprocessors with .1 inch headers is in development.

The XBRS4 Transceiver Module, designed around the MAX13412E, uses a single 3.3V power supply on the logic side and accepts a wide +6V to +28V input supply range on the RS485 side. The fail-safe module operates in temperatures from -400C to 850C and, operating at 1/8 unit load, allows up to 256 transceivers on the bus. The full speed version supports data rates up to 15Mbps with up to 500Kbps data ratio.

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