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Isolated base dual thyristor and diode modules include current ratings up to 720A

Tue, 09/17/2013 - 12:46pm


IXYS Corporation announced that its wholly owned UK subsidiary, IXYS UK Westcode Ltd., just introduced an extensive range of new high current isolated base dual thyristor and diode modules.

The new range of devices is based on the same 60mm die used in the largest of IXYS UK’s range of single device isolated base modules. Construction of these modules is an ‘all pressure contact’ design with the die alloyed to a metallic disc and clamped between substantial internal copper electrodes for optimum thermal resistance to the isolated base, base plate is copper. The new devices are available with eight different configurations of Diode, Thyristor and thyristor/diode combinations, including a new ‘MCR’ type which allows a parallel mounting with a conventional MCC dual thyristor device to construct a double AC switch.

Thyristor and diode/thyristor modules are available with current ratings of 500A to 720A per device and voltage ratings from 1400V to 3600V. All diode devices are rated at 1080A and voltages from 1800V to 2800V. Device base plate is 7 inches (180mm) by 2.8 inches (71mm) with a maximum module height of 3.3 inches (84mm); module weight is 7.7 pounds (3.5kg).

Typical applications include industrial drives, soft starts, welding and all types of front end rectification needs.

For full details of available configurations and voltage/current ratings, please refer to additional information and data sheet available on the IXYS UK website at


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