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GaN transistors are capable of amplification into the multiple-GHz range

Thu, 09/26/2013 - 10:19am


GaN transistorsEfficient Power Conversion Corporation extended its family of high-speed, high performance transistors with the EPC8000 family of products. These third generation devices have switching transition speeds in the sub nano-second range, making them capable of hard switching applications above 10 MHz. These products exhibit very good small signal RF performance with high gain well into the low GHz range. Products in the family are available with on-resistance values from 125 mΩ through 530 mΩ, and three blocking voltage capabilities, 40 V, 65 V and 100 V. These new transistors have several new features including reduction in QGD thereby reducing voltage transient switching losses, improved Miller ratio providing high dv/dt immunity, low inductance pads for improved connection to both gate and drain circuits, orthogonal current flow between the gate and drain circuits for enhanced CSI reduction, and a separate gate return connection also for enhanced CSI reduction. Example applications include hard-switching power converters operating in the multi-megahertz range, envelope tracking in RF power amplifiers, highly resonant wireless power transfer systems for wireless charging of mobile devices.

Efficient Power Conversion Corporation,


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