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Power Sensors Cover 20 dBm

October 6, 2008 9:34 am | Keysight Technologies | Comments

Replacing the 8480 Series, Agilent Technologies’ N8480 Series thermocouple power sensors perform in a power range from -35 dBm to 20 dBm for a 55 dB dynamic range. The devices operate in a frequency range from 100 kHz to 33 GHz. The sensors incorporate a built-in EEPROM for storing calibration factors, enabling automatic loading of cal factors, and

Capacitors Function in High Voltage Bus Apps

October 6, 2008 8:42 am | Comments

Presenting voltage ratings from 100 VDC to 500 VDC, ITW Paktron’s RA Series multi-layer polymer (MLP) film capacitors are designed for high voltage bus applications. The devices exhibit capacitance values from 0.1 µF to 10 µF in commercial and military infrastructure products. The capacitors do not crack when exposed to temperature extremes or

Bluetooth Development Kit Includes Stereo DSP

October 6, 2008 7:45 am | Comments

Switching between wireless music playback and voice calls, CSR’s BlueTunes ROM ROM-based Bluetooth development kit integrates a DSP for stereo headsets. The Bluetooth v2.1+EDR-compliant component offers an integrated stereo codec providing 95 dB SNR, support for sub band codec and mp3 decoding, a configurable 5-band equalizer, and a 180 mAh


Brushless Motors Exhibit High Efficiency

October 6, 2008 7:01 am | Comments

Coming in 2- and 4-pole designs with or without hall sensors, Koford Engineering’s new line of 36 mm slotless brushless motors achieve efficiencies of up to 89%. The instruments present power outputs from 10 W to 620 W, speeds from 3,600 rpm to 30,000 rpm, and mechanical time constants as low as 4 ms. The 4-pole configuration doubles the resolution for hall feedback speed control. The cog-less motors are engineered to provide a straight line speed

DC/DC Converters Target Board-Level Applications

October 6, 2008 6:04 am | Comments

The FED20W series of modular packaged dc/dc converters from Astrodyne are designed to meet power conversion requirements in board-level product applications such as data acquisition, communications, and industrial I/O. The FED20W series provides output power of 20 W and accepts 4:1 wide range inputs from 9 VDC to 75 VDC

DataCELL Cable Certified by the Fieldbus Foundation

October 6, 2008 5:51 am | Comments

Northwire's DataCELL FOUNDATION fieldbus cable is the first to be FF-844 certified by the Fieldbus Foundation. All versions are ITC (instrument tray cable)/PLTC (power-limited tray cable) rated for exposed-run (ER) applications and pass the same crush and impact tests for metal-clad cable (under UL 1569). ITC-ER/PLTC-ER cable allows users to eliminate the conduit when the cable

DAC Uses 2.1 Vrms Line Driver

October 6, 2008 4:58 am | Comments

Allowing a 2 Vrms voltage after the RC filter, Cirrus Logic’s CS4252 24-bit DAC utilizes an on-chip 2.1 Vrms line driver from a single 3.3 V power supply. The 24-pin QFN-packaged unit exhibits 24-bit conversion, audio sampling rates up to 192 kHz, 106 dB dynamic range, and -93 dB THD+N. The converter performs in consumer electronics, such as set-top

Oscilloscopes Utilize SDA II

October 3, 2008 12:34 pm | Comments

Predicting bit error rates directly on the eye visually, LeCroy’s SDA 7xxZi Series oscilloscopes integrate SDA II with IsoBER to determine the minimum eye opening, and detecting cross-talk by analyzing the vertical eye closure. The instruments use X-Stream II architecture to decompose jitter simultaneously through traditional spectral and NQ-Scale algorithms, which


UHF-Band VCO Yields Low Phase Noise

October 3, 2008 11:42 am | Comments

Operating from 902 MHz to 928 MHz, Z-Communications’ ZRO0915C2LF UHF-band VCO exhibits a typical phase noise of -128 dBc/Hz at 10 KHz offset, -100 dBc/Hz at 1 KHz offset, and -148 dBc/Hz at 100 KHz offset. The 0.75” × 0.75” × 0.22” ZMX-14-SM-packaged component shows a linear tuning voltage range from 0 VDC to

Management System Enables GUI Development

October 3, 2008 10:51 am | Comments

Building in 64-bit systems running Linux, Solaris, and HPUX, Aonix’s TeleUSE 4.0 user interface management system allows cross-platform Motif GUI application development. The object-oriented program supports WYSIWYG graphical editing, widget design editing, and font, color and pixmap picture editing. The environment exhibits support for interactive

SSLD Delivers High LED Current

October 3, 2008 10:03 am | Comments

Powering from a single or dual battery cell supply, PREMA Semiconductor’s PR4404 SSLD dispenses up to 150 mA of LED current at 1.2 or 1.5 V (single) and up to 300 mA LED current at 2.4 V or 3 V (dual). A hold input allows brightness control via a PWM signal or MCU with switching frequencies from 300 kHz to 700 kHz. The driver demonstrates

Chip Capacitor Includes Flexiterm Termination

October 3, 2008 9:20 am | Avx Corporation | Comments

Presenting compatibility with standard SMT reflow processes, AVX’s tip and ring chip capacitor uses a standard nickel barrier solder plate Flexiterm termination. The MLC unit demonstrates a X7R dielectric rating from -55°C to 125°C with a capacitance value of up to 1.2 micofarads, TELCO rating of 250 VDC, and dielectric withstand voltage of

Epoxy Adhesive Cures at Room Temperature(2)

October 3, 2008 8:27 am | Comments

Able to cure at room temperature, the EP30 two component epoxy adhesive from Master Bond can also be accelerated by moderate heat. The adhesive will bond to such substrates as metal, ceramic, glass, and many plastics. The lap shear strength exceeds 3,000 psi for aluminum to aluminum bonds. The EP30 is particularly marketed for assemblies where only very thin bond lines are dictated


Resistor Ink Replaces Cermet Material

October 3, 2008 7:37 am | Comments

Obtaining intermediate wear resistance values by blending with adjacent members, LORD Corporation’s 8600 Series polymer resistor ink can be utilized as an alternative at Cermet materials for potentiometer applications. The RoHS-compliant cured film screen-prints onto printer circuit boards, ceramics, glass, phenolic, and flexible substrates that are

DC/DC Converters Feature Open-Frame Construction

October 3, 2008 6:42 am | Murata Power Solutions Inc. | Comments

Two series (HPH and UCH) of single output, half-brick, isolated DC/DC Converters from Murata Power Solutions are isolated to 2250 VDC with an open-frame construction and are designed for PCB mounting. The HPH series delivers up to 360 W of power and 70 A output current. The UCH series comprises modules that deliver between 50 W and 150 W of output power, and a maximum output current of 40 A


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