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Muzzle flash sensor detects muzzle flash from over 100 m awa

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 10:01am

muzzle flash detectorCal Sensors announced an optical detector technology capable of detecting muzzle flash from over 100 meters away, while minimizing false alarms. Operating at the speed of light, an optical flash detection system provides an almost instantaneous response to a gunfire event, providing real time detection capabilities.  This also gives the targets the critical seconds needed to duck and apply counter-measures. Unlike acoustic detectors, they do not detect other loud noises such as car backfires and can be designed to reject any optical signals that are outside the desired detection bandwidth.  They are also not susceptible to the reverberation of sound off of structures in the vicinity of the gunfire.  Therefore the determination of the location of the shooter is not hampered by the receipt of multiple signals from different locations for one event.  A well designed optical detector can clearly determine whether only one event transpired or if there are multiple shooters and their locations.

Cal Sensors,


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