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UPS Power Ratings Extend to 1,100 kVA

October 30, 2008 7:25 am | Comments

Eaton Corporation extended the power ratings for its 9395 uninterruptible power system (UPS) to 1100 kVA. The 9395 System Bypass Module (SBM) makes it possible to parallel UPSs with non-identical kVA ratings. The 1100 kVA UPS, part of the Powerware series, is an extension of the 825 kVA system. The SBM technology has the capability to parallel up to 32 power modules

FPGA Families Support High RLDRAM Rates

October 30, 2008 6:58 am | Comments

The LatticeSC and LatticeSCM FPGA families (collectively, the “LatticeSC/M” families) support RLDRAM I/II rates up to 800 Mbps. The high-speed RLDRAM I and RLDRAM II memory controller IP (intellectual property) is implemented in Lattice’s low-power MACO (Masked Array for Cost Optimization) structured ASIC technology. The FPGAs are fabricated on Fujitsu’s 90 nm CMOS process technology

Terminal Blocks Operate in Wide Capacitance Range

October 30, 2008 6:30 am | Comments

Protecting the filter elements during installation and field service, Spectrum Control’s 30 A barrier strip terminal blocks illustrate capacitance from 2,500 pF to 5,200 pF. The UL-recognized and CSA-approved devices perform over a temperature range from -55°C to 105°C over a 100 VDC working voltage with from 2 to 6 terminals for soldering or spade lugs. The components perform in


Protection Array Provides Low Capacitance

October 30, 2008 5:49 am | Comments

Exhibiting a surge current of >11 A, Vishay Intertechnology’s VBUS054CV-HS3 4-line ESD protection array displays a capacitance of 1.20 pF at a working voltage of 5 V. The 1.60 mm × 1.60 mm × 0.75 mm LLP75-packaged component demonstrates maximum leakage current of <0.10 µA, typical breakthrough voltage of 7 V at 1 mA, and maximum clamping voltage of 22 V at


Generator Shows High Waveform Resolution

October 30, 2008 5:09 am | Keithley Instruments | Comments

Offering built-in function generator capability including sine, square, triangle, noise, and DC, Keithley Instruments’ Model 3390 arbitrary waveform/function generator exhibits 256,000-point 14-bit resolution. The instrument demonstrates 50 MHz maximum sine wave frequency, 25 MHz

Toolkit Combines Multisim and LabVIEW

October 29, 2008 11:52 am | Analog Devices, Inc. | Comments

Integrating Multisim 10.1 and LabVIEW, National Instruments’ beta version of the NI LabVIEW Multisim Connectivity Toolkit identifies and analyzes design behavior, and detects errors at the earliest stages of the design. The software automates circuit simulation and correlates simulation behavior to physical prototype measurements in a graphical environment. The program offers a focus on simulation capabilities, compatibility with PSpice models, a database of 300 components from

Air Pressure Sensors Respond Quickly

October 29, 2008 11:24 am | Comments

Operating independently via a 1.5 V analog output or with DPC-100 controllers, Panasonic Electric Works’ DPC/DPH-100 Series SUNX digital air pressure sensors detect with a response time of 500 seconds. The axial design of the sensor head allows for mounting side-by-side with other units or as a replacement for one unit for maintenance via a hex key. The devices offer vacuum, positive, or

Controller Addresses Power Limiting Apps

October 29, 2008 10:21 am | Comments

Suiting 240 VA system applications specified by UL60950, EN60950, and CSA1950, Micrel’s MIC2310 single-FET hot-plug controller targets blade server systems, base stations, servers, 12 V power distribution backplanes, enterprise switch networks, and


Fuses Exhibit 5 Second Overload Opening Characteristic

October 29, 2008 9:46 am | Comments

Adding to the Nano2 family, Littelfuse’s 458 Series 1206-size SMT fuses demonstrate an overload opening characteristic of 5 seconds max at 250% of ampere rating. The RoHS-compliant devices offer current ratings from 1 A to 10 A, an interrupting rating of 50 A at 63 VDC, and a “Wire in Air” design with a ceramic body and gold-plated brass caps. Applications include

Oscillator Demonstrates Low Phase Noise

October 29, 2008 9:18 am | Comments

Operating from 3,619 MHz to 3,711 MHz, Crystek’s CVCO55CC-3619-3711 VCO exhibits a typical phase noise of -106 dBc/Hz at 10 KHz offset in a control voltage range from 0.1 V to ~16 V. The 0.5” × 0.5” SMT-packaged device displays typical output power of 5 dBm, input voltage of 8 V, max. current consumption of 40 mA, pulling of 3 MHz, pulling of 0.5 MHz/V, and

Enclosures Present Latching Outside of Sidewalls

October 29, 2008 8:48 am | Comments

Designed to reduce the rise of compromised protection due to side penetrating rivets or screws, AD Products’ Adalet Premier Series fiberglass enclosures have hinges and latching located on the outside of the sidewalls. The NEMA 4X- and IP 66-rated devices inhibit the accumulation of dust, dirt, and debris while operating from -40°F to 250°F. The units use a patent-pending additive that is said to

FM Amplifier Module Delivers Security

October 29, 2008 7:51 am | Comments

Measuring 250 mm × 180 mm × 53 mm, Res-Ingenium’s FM1K-108 Class B FM amplifier module uses built-in protection circuitry to protect against overdriving, SWR over-voltage, and thermal runaway. The component supplies 1 kW of linear CW output power over a frequency range from 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz in FM and HDFM radio broadcast applications. The product offers

Rocker Switches Receive UL and VDE Approvals

October 29, 2008 7:27 am | Comments

Coming in single- and double-pole versions, Phaseda LLC’s RL3-6 Series oval rocker switches achieve UL, cUL, and VDE approvals, as well as RoHS compliance. The devices exhibit a UL ratings at 16 A and 0.33 hp at 125 VAC for high power and motor applications, and 10 A at 125 VAC for small appliances. The units demonstrate a VDE rating of 10(4) A and 6(2) A at


Battery Protection ICs Offer Cell-Balance Functions

October 29, 2008 6:48 am | Comments

Consuming 7 A current max, Seiko Instruments’ S-8209A and S-8209B Series battery protection ICs exhibits charge and discharge cell-balance functions in lithium-ion and lithium-polymer rechargeable battery packs. A voltage detection circuit enables overcharge detection and release voltages of up to 4.4 V at -25 mV and -50 mV accuracy, cell-balance detection and

Analyzer Measures Spectral Monitoring and Interference

October 29, 2008 6:14 am | Comments

Making measurements of RF readings, Bird Technologies Group’s SignalHawk VNA handheld spectrum analyzer performs spectral monitoring and interference analysis. The “Made in the USA” instrument shows one-port cable insertion loss measurements and high-resolution determination of distance-to-fault, and streamlines testing procedures. The device passes drop and splash


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