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Ultrasonic clear label sensor has a new “Gap Quickset” feature for easier setup

Tue, 02/19/2013 - 2:06pm


The Lion Precision LRD8200 Ultrasonic Clear Label Sensor has a new “Gap Quickset” feature for easier setup. The feature enables the user to place a gap in the sensor and with one click set the sensor’s “Gap” setting. Previously, operators had to use the Up and Down arrows until a display indicated the proper setting. The function is not the same as a “Teach” function found on some sensors; it simply saves the operator the extra key presses of aligning the setup indicator. A typical teach function involves moving multiple labels through the sensor while an analytical algorithm determines the best settings for the device. 

While not a teach function, the new Gap Quickset does save the operator a little time by automatically adjusting for the gap that is currently in the sensor, saving the user a few button clicks. If the operator thinks the setting can be improved, he or she can just make a small adjustment with a few clicks until satisfied.

In terms of speed and registration accuracy, ultrasonic technology is distinctly inferior to the capacitive technology found in Lion Precision’s other clear label sensors. A detailed study of different label sensor technologies is available at  The LRD8200 is a response to the packaging industry’s demand for a sensor that works with the largest possible range of materials.

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