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LVDTs designed for harsh environments

Wed, 02/06/2013 - 12:05pm


 Alliance Sensors Group is pleased to announce the new LA-25 series LVDTs for use in steel, aluminum, and paper mills as well as in fluid power systems and hydro plants.

An LA-25 is not your grandfather’s LVDT. It is very robust and designed to survive heavy duty applications in harsh environments. Typical LVDTs offered to the heavy industrial marketplace are 0.75 inches in diameter with lead wires. This robust linear position sensor has a 1.00 inch OD aluminum housing (stainless steel housings are available) with a wall nearly 5 times as thick as typical LVDTs, and terminated with either a cable in a cord grip or heavy duty axial connector. The durability of its housing protects an LA-25 sensor from damage when stepped on or having material dropped on it. The LVDT's housing has a threaded end nose that can go through a 0.88 hole in a bulkhead or bracket  up to 0.13 thick, permiting single hole mounting using an optional mounting kit containing a hex nut and lock washer.

Other LVDTs are offered with a 0.188 inch OD core that is not usually captive to the LVDT body and can easily be lost, damaged, or broken loose from its mating rod. An LA-25 LVDT's core is enclosed inside a 0.375 diameter stainless steel connecting rod assembly from which it can never break loose, and which moves within a bronze bushing equipped with two double contact shaft seals to keep out dust, dirt, and fluids. The rod has a 5/16-24 UNF male threaded end for connection of the user's workpiece or optional end pieces available from Alliance Sensors.  A  radially-terminated version with rod ends attached to the core rod and the back end of the sensor is also available.

Available in full ranges from 3 inches to 15 inches, an LA-25 is ideal for roller gap measurement, head box feedback, control valve shaft position, and hydraulic actuator position feedback. It has the ruggedness to withstand the harsh environments in steam power plants; paper, steel and aluminum mills; fluid power systems; and hydroelectric plants. Rated IP-67, the LVDTs can survive the usual industrial wash downs and equipment cleaning.  When mated with an Alliance Sensors model SC-100 LVDT DIN-rail mountable industrial signal conditioner with push button calibration, an LA-25 LVDT becomes part of an optimum solution for practically any heavy industrial position measuring applications.

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