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DDR3 DIMMs Achieve Data Rates up to DDR3-1333

March 9, 2009 12:13 pm | Comments

Intended for use in high-performance computing (HPC), high end servers, and workstation applications, 8-GB and 16-GB DDR3 DIMMs from SMART Modular Technologies operate at data rates up to DDR3-1333. Configured as dual-rank 1024Mx72, the 8GB VLP RDIMM allows blade OEM designers to populate their boards

LED Drivers Demonstrate Flicker-Free Operation

March 9, 2009 9:20 am | Comments

Presenting a dimming range from 10% to 100%, ROAL Electronics’ TROPO Series LED drivers (SSLDs) offer flicker-free operation with standard triac dimmers. The devices drivers operate directly from the AC line and provide an isolated, low-voltage constant-current DC output. The series provides 50,000 hours of useful life at 90°C case temperature, and consists of 10 models with 350-mA-to-1,500-mA output with

32-bit Microcontroller Includes 1-MB Flash

March 9, 2009 7:47 am | Renesas | Comments

Targeting high-end motor drives, AC servos, and industrial inverters, Renesas Technology’s SH7286 32-bit SuperH microcontroller (MCU) contains up to 1-MB of MONOS (Metal Oxide Nitride Oxide Silicon) embedded Flash memory. The component incorporates a 100-MHz CPU, 2 multi-function timer units to drive 2 motors simultaneously; and 3 12-bit A/D converter modules with 12 channels and 1-µs conversion time. The superscalar


Frequency Analyzers Exhibit Amplitude Adjustment Control

March 9, 2009 7:24 am | Comments

Including Windows-based Virtual Front Panel software, Core Technology Group’s RA Series frequency response/impedance analyzers offer front-panel manual amplitude adjustment control. The 11.625" × 13.500" × 1.75" devices present

Current-Compensated Chokes Address 230-VAC Mains Filters

March 9, 2009 7:08 am | Comments

Offering toroidal core and sector winding, Wurth Electronics Midcom’s WE-LF SMD current-compensated powerline chokes are suitable for 230-VAC mains filters in SMPS and power electronics applications. The 18.5-mm × 23.3-mm × 11.5-mm devices exhibit reflow solderability, rated currents from 0.3 A to 4 A, and

LCD Incorporates Resistive Touchscreen

March 9, 2009 6:49 am | Comments

Able to operate with touch input from hands, gloves, pens, or any other implement, the 5.7” screen LQ057Q3DG01 LCD monitor from Sharp has a resistive touchscreen built into the frame and bonded to the LCD panel without an air gap. Delivering an image with a brightness of 320 nits with a contrast ratio of 500:1, the QVGA display accepts a supply voltage of 3.3 VDC and has a 13.8-mm installation depth.

Desktop Supply Addresses Efficiency Regulation

March 9, 2009 6:42 am | Comments

In compliance with Level IV requirements of the California Energy Commission as well as Energy Star, the TRG45 Series external power supply from Power Sources Unlimited has a standby power consumption of less than 0.5 W and an efficiency as high as 85%. The RoHS-compliant 4.72” x 2.05” x 1.22” device accepts from 90 to 264 VAC and is available in single-output versions delivering from 12 to 48 VDC

Thermal Imager Fits in Pocket

March 9, 2009 6:37 am | Comments

Incorporating features such as Thermal-on-Visible mode for radiometric temperature data to be displayed directly on the visible image, the Mikron MikroSHOT thermal imaging camera from LumaSense Technologies weighs 10.5 oz and can fit in a pocket. The camera incorporates a 2.7” display and uses off-the-shelf batteries. Features include a measuring range from -20°C to 350°C


TI CEO Pay Falls 6.6%

March 9, 2009 6:13 am | Comments

The chief executive of Texas Instruments (TI) received compensation valued at $9.6 million in 2008, down 6.6% from the previous year as the company faced fierce competition for chips that power cell phones, according to a regulatory filing.

PCI Express Interface Tool Achieves Data Rates up to 1 GByte/s

March 6, 2009 8:28 am | Comments

The PC_EYE/CL, a PCI Express interface with four lanes (x4) from American ELTEC, delivers data rates of up to 1 GByte/s. The frame grabber delivers speeds of up to 680 MByte/s. The PC_EYE/CL frame grabber has inputs for digital video data compliant with Camera Link standard Version 1.2. Each of the two on-board Mini-Delta-Ribbon 26-pin connectors supports four ports

Size 23 Stepping Motor Delivers Torque Comparable to NEMA 34

March 6, 2009 8:24 am | Comments

A quad stack NEMA size 23 brushless 1.8° stepping motor from Intelligent Motion Systems delivers speed-torque comparable to a single stack NEMA 34, but with a footprint 1/3 smaller (29 vs. 46 in3 / 187 vs. 297cm3). The MDrive23Plus with quad stack motor is capable of full (256 x 200) microstepping with a +12 VDC to +60 VDC integrated driver. Three (3) versions are available

Signal Integrity Tool Removes Impact of Test Fixtures

March 6, 2009 8:19 am | Comments

Eye Doctor II, an oscilloscope-based signal integrity tool from LeCroy, removes the impact of test fixtures and cables, models the impact of serial data channels and fixtures, and simulates equalization. It is intended for serial data standards such as PCI Express 3.0, SuperSpeed USB, SATA 6 Gb/s, and 6 Gb/s SAS. It removes de-emphasis or pre-emphasis from a signal measured

Logic Device Family Acts as Inphi Replacements

March 6, 2009 8:18 am | Comments

Supporting data transmission rates up to 13 Gbps and clock rates from 13 GHz to 26 GHz, Hittite Microwave’s HMC744LC3C-HMC749LC3C 3.3-V logic devices are designed to replace Inphi devices. The family consists of the HMC744LC3C 1:2 fanout buffer, the HMC745LC3C XOR/XNOR gate function, the HMC746LC3C providing AND, NAND, OR, or NOR logic functions; the HMC747LC3C D-type flip flop; the


Subminiature Connectors Offer Voltage from DC to 26.5 GHz

March 6, 2009 8:13 am | Comments

Phoenix’s SMPM series subminiature connectors offer electrical performance from DC to 26.5 GHz. Billed as 30% smaller than SMP blindmate connectors, the subminiature connectors feature snap-in interconnects, allowing control while mating multiple connectors. Other features include: compensation for up to .010” radial and axial misalignment (when used with an adapter)

Desktop Supplies Operate Via USB Cable

March 6, 2009 6:48 am | Comments

Targeting engineers, scientists, and researchers experimenting or designing products requiring high voltage, EMCO High Voltage’s USBHV Series desktop power supplies requires only a USB cable to operate and power the unit. The devices use supplied software to control voltage, make the unit “plug and play” after being installed on a


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