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Package-on-package solution designed for next-generation smartphone and tablet computing

Wed, 12/19/2012 - 3:46pm

Invensas Corporation unveiled its bond via array (BVA) technology. BVA is an ultra-high I/O packaging alternative to wide-I/O through silicon via (TSV) that delivers the performance required by mobile OEMs while preserving the proven infrastructure and business model of traditional package-on-package (PoP). Invensas' BVA technology enables high-performance consumer electronics to overcome the processing demands of next-generation designs without altering existing packaging infrastructure. This makes it an ideal low-cost and highly adoptable solution for mobile device manufacturers.

BVA PoP is ideally suited for applications processor plus memory PoP stacks. By increasing processor to memory bandwidth, BVA PoP enables higher resolution, faster frame rate video streaming, faster search, higher resolution multi-screen, multi-application operation, more life-like gaming and a whole new generation of high-resolution 3D applications.



The ultra-high I/O offered by BVA far exceeds what is possible with today's solder ball stacking and solder filled laser via approaches and permits intermediate increases in bandwidth in PoP, delaying the need for TSV. A copper wire bond-based package stacking interconnect technology, BVA PoP enables reduced pitch and a higher number of interconnects in the PoP perimeter stacking arrangement. It has demonstrated scalability to a 0.2mm pitch, leapfrogging the current capabilities of solder ball and solder via stacking to meet the industry's desired increase in bandwidth. Additionally, BVA PoP's alternative interconnect system is able to achieve wide I/O capability using common, low cost wire-bond technology. Because BVA PoP utilizes the existing package assembly and surface mount technology (SMT) infrastructure, it does not require a large capital investment and can be quickly adopted to provide increased bandwidth at low cost.



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