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Power Supply Delivers High Power Density

June 24, 2008 6:07 am | Comments

Delivering a power density of over 76W per in2, the EN5395QI from Enpirion, is a 9A DC/DC converter that features integrated-inductor technology and a high switching frequency.  The technology enables the PwrSoC (power supply on a chip) to attain noice immunity with a small footprint.  The part also offers

Chip Uses Novel Sleep Mode to Set Low-Power Record

June 24, 2008 4:23 am | Comments

A low-power microchip developed at the University of Michigan uses 30,000 times less power in sleep mode and 10 times less in active mode than comparable chips now on the market.The Phoenix Processor, which sets a low-power record, is intended for use in cutting-edge sensor-based devices such as medical implants, environment monitors or surveillance equipment. The chip consumes just 30 picowatts during sleep mode.


Bipolar Gate Drivers Enable Faster Switching

June 23, 2008 10:58 am | Comments

Enabling faster charging and discharging of gate capacitances than gate driver ICs, the ZXGD3000 Series of non-inverting bipolar gate drivers have propagation delays of less than 2 ns and rise/fall times of approximately 10 ns. Provided in a 6-lead SOT23 package, the devices have independent source and sink output pins and


LED Panels Incorporate Direct Die Attachment Technology

June 23, 2008 10:49 am | Comments

Providing direct die attachment (DDA) technology, American Bright’s family of 5W or 10W LED panels has typical flux ratings of 800 lumens and 300 lumens, respectively. The Y-bin 10W module has a forward voltage of 36V DC at 320 mA and will typically produce 800 lumens, creating a luminous

Auto-Zero Op Amps Feature High Precision, Rail-to-Rail Operation

June 23, 2008 8:44 am | Microchip Technology Inc. | Comments

Microchip Technology introduced its HTUMCP6V01/2/3UTH (MCP6V0X) auto-zero operational amplifiers (op amps) featuring a self-correcting architecture that enables ultra high precision, with an input offset voltage of 2 µV maximum. They also feature high common-mode rejection, rail-to-rail input/output and low quiescent current; making them appropriate for


Single Output 2W DC/DC Converters Offer Efficiency to 88 Percent

June 23, 2008 6:43 am | Murata Power Solutions Inc. | Comments

Murata Power Solutions introduced a range of isolated 2W single output DC/DC converters. The eight models in the NMG Series are housed in small footprint (19.5 mm x 7.5 mm x 10.0 mm high), industry-standard SIP packages that allow drop-in replacement of other devices. The converters also provide a

Quintplexer Boasts Low Insertion Loss

June 23, 2008 6:04 am | Comments

Providing improved power consumption and receiver sensitivity, Avago Technologies’ ACFM-7103 quintplexer boasts a a PCS Tx insertion loss of 1.9 dB typical (3.1 dB max), a PCS Rx insertion loss of 2.5 dB typical (3.6

Buck-Boost Controllers Accept Wide Input Voltage

June 20, 2008 10:39 am | Comments

Accepting an input from 3 to 75 V, the LM5118 emulated current-mode-controlled buck-boost DC/DC regulator controller from National Semiconductor well-suited for battery-powered applications where the operating voltage can vary significantly. Delivering up to 10 A, the device includes features such as a shutdown current mode, a peak efficiency of 95%, and


Digital/Mixed-signal Buck Controller Supports Intel VR11.x Designs

June 20, 2008 10:38 am | Comments

CHiL Corporation introduced the CHL8100 device, which integrates digital control techniques into a mixed-signal multiphase synchronous buck controller to offer support for core voltage and load requirements and flexibility for Intel VR11.x processors. The controller is targeted at VR designs using up to four interleaved synchronous buck phases and capable of

Green Power Supply Outputs 12W

June 20, 2008 9:08 am | Comments

Meeting the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Level IV criteria and the new Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) requirements, SL Power Electronics’ PW149RB Series external power supplies offers a single output range from 10 to 12 W. The CE-compliant devices has a 100-240 VAC universal input and comes in eight models ranging from 5V to

LEDs Deliver up to 2850 mcd

June 20, 2008 8:10 am | Comments

Using drive currents up to 70 mA, Vishay Intertechnology’s VLMx32 Series power surface-mount LEDs provide a luminous intensity range from 1400 to 2850 millicandelas (mcd). The PLCC 4-packaged devices offer a thermal resistance down to 290 K/W and power dissipation of up to 200 mW. The AEC-Q101-qualified LEDs have dominant wavelengths from 610 to 621 nm in amber and.

Prototyping Platform Gives Students Hands-On Experience

June 19, 2008 11:35 am | Comments

Based on LabVIEW graphical system design software, the Elvis II design and prototyping platform allows educators worldwide to provide hands-on, project-based learning with USB plug-and-play instruments and complete integration with Multisim 10.1 software for SPICE simulation. In addition, educators can use NI ELVIS II with a suite of third-party boards and curriculum resources to teach control design

Software Provides Multicore Processor Support

June 19, 2008 11:31 am | Comments

Giving multicore processor support, National Instruments’ TestStand 4.1 test management software comes with Switch Executive 3.0, which graphically specifies switch signal routes in parallel test systems. The program includes an instrument resource profile that provides graphical representation of


Reflector LED Suits Backlighing Applications

June 19, 2008 8:22 am | Osram Opto Semiconductors | Comments

Specifically designed for light guide-based back- and edge-lighting of 5” to 20” displays in high ambient light conditions, the CERAMOS Reflector LED from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors delivers 70 lumens/W at 80 mA. Suited for in-coupling into light guides as thin as 2 mm, the device has an oval out-coupling window in a ceramic package.

Inductors Target Military Applications

June 19, 2008 7:13 am | Comments

Complying with QPL MIL-PRF-83446 (31, -32, and -33) standards, Gowanda’s MLRF3013 Series inductors target RF electronic applications in the military, aerospace, and defense communities. The phenolic-, iron-, or ferrite-cored devices are appropriate for communications applications including


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