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Cable assembly delivers up to 10Gb/s data rate

Mon, 11/26/2012 - 12:22pm

FCI has developed the AirMax VS high-speed internal cable assembly that utilizes an innovative shield-less connector design to deliver excellent signal integrity (SI) performance and data rates of up to 10Gb/s. The advanced AirMax VS high-speed internal cable assembly design features an optimized air dielectric between adjacent conductors to simplify the grounding structure while reducing cost and weight. The AirMax VS high-speed internal cable assemblies support the Infiniband QDR data rate and other industry standard parameters and are designed for data communications applications where efficient high-speed data transfer is required.

Right angle and vertical mating board headers with passive latch retention make the AirMax VS ideal for internal high density cabling for high-speed signaling, replacing typical backplane systems with this all-in-one cable assembly solution. These 26 AWG internal cables are constructed using four differential pair per column base configurations in both 8- and 10-column counts. External cable assembly solutions can be configured using the same four-pair per column base configuration and integrating customer defined requirements related to cable retention and EMI system termination. These external AirMax VS cable assemblies feature robust die-cast covers that include superior guiding and EMI shielding performance. The EMI terminates to both metal cable covers and hardware chassis. A plastic snakeskin outside jacket allows for tighter bend radius capability and easier cable routing than conventional jacketed cables.

“The AirMax VS cable assembly was developed to meet the needs of high speed, high density signaling applications that require I/O systems with strong cable retention and consistent and reliable high-speed data transfer,” said Jerry Yi, High Speed Cable Assembly Product Manager at FCI. “The AirMax VS high-speed internal and external IO systems are one of the highest density and highest performance I/O interconnect systems available today for rack-to-rack and box-to-box cabling for data communication and telecommunication hardware.”

FCI also offers a complete and comprehensive portfolio of performance validated industry standard based IO solutions that include board connectors, cages and cable assemblies whether passive copper cable assemblies, active optical cables or transceivers as well as modified custom cabling solutions.

For additional information about FCI’s AirMax VS High Speed I/O Solutions, please visit the dedicated microsite,


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