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Line driver features two fanout modes, 1:4 fanout differential

Wed, 08/22/2012 - 10:03am

The PRL-414RSTR is a 1:4 fanout differential RS-422 line driver. It has two sets of floating 124 Ω differential inputs designed to accept RS-422 signals. The PRL-414RSTR high speed fanout line driver facilitates testing and integration of high speed digital communications circuits and distribution of satellite signals.

The PRL-414RSTR has two fanout modes, selectable by a toggle switch:
•    In the 1:4 mode (switch Up) D1 is connected to all four outputs Q1-Q4, and D2 is ignored. This mode is used for fanout of a single signal to four receivers.
•    In the 2 x 1:2 mode (switch Down) each of the two input signals is distributed to two outputs, with D1 connected to Q1-Q2, and D2 connected to Q3-Q4. This mode allows simultaneous distribution of

Clock and Data signals to two receivers.
The four sets of complementary outputs are 62 Ω back-terminated and designed for driving floating 124 Ω loads, normally the configuration used in RS-422 input circuits. The output swing is typically 1.40 V with a common mode voltage of 1.55 V.

Because every output is independently buffered, unused outputs do not require termination, and outputs can even be shorted without affecting other outputs. These applications would not be possible with a passive splitter or powered distribution amplifier.

Multiple units of PRL-414RSTR can be cascaded for wider fanout, such as 1:16 or higher. The PRL-414RSTR can be combined with other PRL products and integrated into a rack-mount system using PRL's modular rackmount kit, PRL-MRK3-1.

All I/Os are Triax, using Trompeter CBBJR79 or equivalent, and will mate with any Trompeter 70-series Triax Cable Plug with 3 lugs, or compatible connector.
The PRL-414RSTR is supplied with a ±8.5 V/1.4 A AC/DC adapter and housed in a 1.3 x 2.9 x 6.0-in. extruded aluminum enclosure. Available accessories include voltage distribution modules and shielded twisted pair cables with Triax termination:
•    88001140-36 Cable, Shielded Twisted Pair, 124 Ohm Triax to Triax, 36"
•    88001140-48 Cable, Shielded Twisted Pair, 124 Ohm Triax to Triax, 48"

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