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Switcher ICs provide up to 90 W output with accurate PSR

Tue, 07/24/2012 - 11:29am


Power Integrations announced its LinkSwitch-HP family of off-line switcher ICs that can deliver up to 90 W output power with accurate primary-side regulation (PSR), according to the company. These ICs use control algorithms and the properties of the main power transformer and output diode – instead of optocouplers and related feedback circuitry – to determine the amount of power to deliver from the primary to the isolated secondary side. They feature a unique multi-mode control architecture that are said to radically advance the state of the art for PSR, making it a viable approach for power-supply applications from 9 W to 90 W. LinkSwitch-HP devices automatically select their control mode according to prevailing line and load conditions to optimize conversion efficiency and response to transient load demands, while minimizing output ripple and audible noise. Continuous-conduction-mode (CCM) operation results in reduced RMS currents, leading to high efficiency and less heat dissipation, while 132 kHz, full-load operating frequency enables the use of smaller magnetics and LC post-filter components. The ICs are capable of no-load power consumption of <30 mW at 230 VAC and are more than 50 percent efficient at 0.1 W input power to meet global energy efficiency regulations such as ErP (EuP), ENERGY STAR EPS V2.0 and EC Ecodesign Directive Tier 2 for external power supplies.

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