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High pressure pump touts advanced piezoelectric technology

Wed, 05/30/2012 - 10:32am

Murata Americas launched what it asserts is the world's smallest microblower. Measuring 20 mm x 20 mm x 1.85 mm, Murata's MZB1001 microblower uses advanced piezoelectric technology to provide up to 0.8 L per minute of airflow and nearly 1.5 kPa of air pressure while consuming 0.2 W of power during a typical use. Using a piezoelectric diaphragm, which vibrates up and down when a sine wave voltage is applied and has been optimized for operation above the normal audible range, the vibrations force air into the microblower and out through a nozzle on the top of the device. Used as an air pump and capable of creating a high air pressure flow, the pump is ideally suited to shorten the duration of high-pressure airflow applications such as an air blower for fuel cells and spot cooling for ICs and electronic circuitry. The MXB1001, which is driven by a 15 Vp-p and 24 kHz to 25 kHz signal, is available for approximately $8.75 with an order in the 1,000 piece range.

Murata Americas


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