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Backplanes feature various power options

Tue, 05/08/2012 - 11:25am

Pixus Technologies now offers VME64x backplanes in high-power, pluggable, and standard versions.

VME64x (VME64 extensions) backplanes typically come in a 6U height.  Pixus offers 6U VME64x backplanes in various slot sizes with power bugs above and below the slots.  To meet VITA 1.7 Increased Current specification or high-power VME applications, Pixus also offers 6.5U high backplanes with extra power bugs on the bottom of the board.  The backplanes feature automatic daisy chaining, chassis ground connections, and a 10-layer (typical) multilayer construction.   They also have a utility connector for sense, fail, reset, and ground signals.

Another power option for VME-based systems is to use a pluggable 47-pin connector.  These can be implement in vertical-mount backplanes parallel to the signal slots.  Or, the PSU connectors can be incorporated in horizontal-mount backplanes, extending outside of the card cage in a 9U monolithic format.  This is also a common configuration for CompactPCI SlimBox backplanes.  Pixus offers 9U VME64x backplanes in the horizontal format in 2-8 slot sizes. 

The Pixus Backplane Division also offers backplanes in OpenVPX, CompactPCI, PCIe, ATCA, and custom designs.   Pricing for the VME64x backplanes start under $200.00 depending on size, quantity, and options.   The lead time is stock to 4 weeks. 

Link to the datasheet:



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