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Current Sense Transformers Allow “Time of Use” and “Smart Meter” Monitoring for Electricity Usage

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 8:06am
current sense transformersStandex Electronics introduced its CST current transformers which allow "time of use" and "smart meter" monitoring of electricity usage. These methodologies allow utilities to monitor the time of use and invoice those customers that are driving the need for increased capacity with higher rates - thereby altering demand. These CST transformers are applied on circuits with current that is too high for direct monitoring. Current in the monitored circuit produces a reduced but proportional current in the Standex Current Sense Transformer which is then monitored by measuring instrumentation. This serves to isolate the measuring instrumentation from the monitored circuit. These transformers have minimal size/space requirements, making them ideal for new construction or retrofits of apartment buildings, condominiums and other multi-tenant structures. The 200-5A transformers are available with accuracies of 0.30 percent as standard. They include a 10-foot lead length of #16AWG wire, which is believed to be the longest in the industry Standex CST current transformers, which also have UL approval for the US and Canada, are desirable for use in electricity sub-metering in condominiums and apartments – as the sensing component within the metering system.

Standex Electronics

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